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This month the newsletter was on the Bible passages on marriage that often get misunderstood. The most click through post? My series on Do Not Deprive–what does 1 Corinthians 7:5 really mean?

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Greatest Love Story

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My Daughter is Confused…

…About many things. She’s done some pretty heavy hitting youtube videos–on why she’s not dating in high school; what bugs her about youth group; and the difference between hot and beautiful.

But this one’s just for fun. Things that confuse her…

Guaranteed To Make You Tear Up…

Babies laid to rest in transformed wedding gowns. This is SUCH a beautiful thing. A team of seamstresses in Forth Worth collect old wedding dresses and make them into beautiful gowns to give to parents whose babies pass away in the NICU. My wedding dress is really dated, and I know my daughters won’t use it, so I’m thinking of sending it to this–it seems like a way to honour my son, who died when he was 29 days old. So thoughtful!

Are You Comfortable Being Naked with Your Husband?

I shared Hot, Holy and Humorous’ post on being naked on Facebook this week and it went crazy! I think this must be a sore spot for many women, so go read it!

Have a great weekend, everybody!