Christian marriage blog: Top 10 Posts It’s Top 10 Tuesday, and today I thought I’d list the top 10 posts from February, to make sure you didn’t miss any good ones!

I like to think of To Love, Honor and Vacuum as a Christian marriage blog–where I share marriage and parenting advice from a Christian perspective. And I’m always thrilled when a post takes off and gets tons of attention, because I do want some Christian advice to make it into the mainstream.

Today I’m going to start with the top 5 posts that were published in February, and then the top 5 posts that were published before February. If you read one of these posts and like it, I’d so appreciate you sharing them on Facebook or Pinterest! They’re good ones, and I’d love for even more people to see them.

Top 5 Posts from February

February was the biggest month I’ve ever had here on To Love, Honor and Vacuum–and it was largely due to my daughters! (Thanks, Becca and Katie). My top two posts of the month were ones that they wrote. It was so neat to see their faces on my sidebar this weekend! And here they are:

Trending Posts with Girls1. Why I Didn’t Rebel. My 19-year-old shares why she thinks she didn’t rebel. She’s not claiming that if you do these things your kids are guaranteed NOT to rebel; she’s trying to dispel the myth that all teens WILL rebel. What she wrote brought tears to my eyes.

2. Why I’m Not Dating in High School. My 16-year-old shared a video on why she’s chosen not to date right now. Keep sharing it–especially with any youth pastors you know!

3. Top 10 Ways to Discipline without Spanking. I really liked this one–and I’m glad you all liked it, too!

4. 5 Ways to Let Him Know you Enjoy Sex. Thanks to J from Hot, Holy and Humorous for this guest post!

5. Top 10 Cheap Date Nights for Parents of Young Kids. 5 Date Night Ideas out, and 5 Date Night Ideas in. Thanks to Leigh Ann from Intentional by Grace for this guest post, too!

Top 5 Posts from Earlier in the Blog

Often the same posts tend to be my biggest traffic generators, though this month we have a Valentine’s Day addition. If you haven’t read them, do click through. These are the posts I’m most well-known for!

Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Husband1. Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Husband. Pin it for next year!

2. The 50 Best Bible Verses to Memorize. Make it a habit to learn one verse a week for a year.

3. 16 Ways to Flirt with Your Husband. Choose 1-2 to start doing today!

4. Why Doesn’t My Husband Want to Make Love? It’s one of the most common searches that lands people here at this blog.

5. 50 Best Marriage Quotations of 2011. With great quotes from all kinds of marriage bloggers!

So there you go–my top 10 posts. This was the first month ever where I had not one but TWO posts which beat out my Bible verses post. My Bible verses post is ALWAYS my top post, but this month Why I Didn’t Rebel and Valentine’s Day Gifts beat it. Neat to see stuff getting shared!

And I do so appreciate it when you all share stuff. The only way I get known better is when people choose to share my posts, so I do want to say thank you, especially after this great month. It’s very humbling, and it’s so neat to see what God is doing–especially with my daughters’ words.

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