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Thursdays are ThrowBackThursday on Facebook, and I’m posting this picture in the Facebook Page:

Getting married in the 90s!

Were we ever young! But I wouldn’t do it any other way.

Anyway, after you’ve been married for 20 plus years, it can get hard to come up with new presents for your honey.

If you and your husband exchange gifts on Valentine’s Day, Staples has a gift-giving guide of some of the best gadgets and fun things to give each other this Valentine’s Day, and they’ve generously agreed to do a giveaway for your choice of item from either list! Woo hoo! (Canadian entries only though!)

I was looking through the guides and here are some of the things they have:

Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Him from Staples:

1. HP Slate Tablet | 2. Laptop Briefcase | 3. Kindle eReader | 4. Memory Foam Pillow | 5. SmartWatch | 6. Telescope | 7. Cooler Rack | 8. Samsung Galaxy Tablet

The ones that stand out to me:

HP Slate Tablet

It comes with 8 GB of memory, wifi, and all the features you’d expect from a tablet. I just love these! They’re like a step up from a phone, but they’re great for reading, pictures, video–basically anything media.

HP Slate Tablet


This is seriously cool! I’m always missing calls because I don’t hear my phone. This syncs with your iPhone, alerting you to missed calls, Facebook posts, calendar events, or anything you want. And you can use it to remotely play music off your iPhone or take a picture with your iPhone. If your husband is  a gadget lover, he’d love this!



Does your husband travel for work? How about getting him a Kindle! One thing I hate about traveling is having to eat at restaurants alone. Now with a Kindle, I can at least read books! And it’s handier than having to turn a page while you’re trying to cut chicken with a knife and fork.

This one has a 6″ Paperwhite display and wifi.


Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Her from Staples

1. Kindle Fire HD | 2. Keurig Coffee Maker | 3. Bluetooth Mini Cube Speaker | 4. Fresh Cut Roses | 5. Yoga Mat | 6. Samsung Galaxy Tablet | 7. HP Slate Tablet | 8. SmartWatch | 9. Laptop Tote

Okay, to any men reading this, Staples honestly has some good ideas here! Ones that especially stand out to me:

1. Kindle Fire

I’ve wanted one of these for a really long time! It’s got 8 GB of hard drive memory, full colour display, and you can read your email, Facebook, etc. on it. I’m so looking forward to getting this!


2. Keurig Coffee Maker

Staples doesn’t just have electronics; they have lots of things to make your life fun! And I know that many of you would love a Keurig coffee maker. My husband has one in his office and he loves it!


3. Seriously Cute Laptop Tote

Have a laptop that’s 15″ or less? This will fit it! And it’s adorable.

Laptop Tote

And Staples has roses, too!

I often find gifts at Staples because my family loves electronics so much. If your hubby does, head to Staples! Or ask him to check out their Gift Guides for YOU!

So now it’s your turn to enter to win! Staples will give one item from EITHER gift list (not both) to one winner–but CANADIAN entries only. They’re paying shipping, so they have to do it that way. But send this to every Canadian you know, eh?

The contest is open until midnight on February 12, so the winner will hear right before Valentine’s Day!

Tell me in the comments: Does gift giving get EASIER after you’ve been married for a few decades, or harder?

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