Looking for some awesome Valentine’s Day gifts for your husband? Or at least some awesome ideas? You’ve come to the right place!

UPDATED January 2016!

Usually we think of Valentine’s Day as a day when WE should receive something.

Indeed, men spend twice as much as women for this particular holiday. And I think that needs to stop! I’m not suggesting you break the bank. In fact, there are lots of things you can do that are cheap, or cost virtually nothing. But Valentine’s Day should not be a day when we think, “Honey, you need to prove to me that you love me.” It should be a day when we celebrate our love for each other. And that means making your husband feel special, too!

A number of you have written me asking what you can buy for your husband this Valentine’s Day, and I thought it was time I tackled it. The only problem is that pretty much every thought I had I included in a post last month on Sexy Stocking Stuffers for your husband. So I put on my thinking cap, added some new ones (like the awesome Scavenger Hunt idea), and came up with this list.

So here goes!

Valentines Day Gifts for Husband - Wifey Wednesday: Valentine's Gifts For Your Husband

Sexy Coupons for Valentine’s Day

31DaysCover 120 - Wifey Wednesday: Valentine's Gifts For Your Husband1. 31 Days to Great Sex: ebook- $4.99, paperback $12
What man isn’t going to like getting a copy of 31 Days to Great Sex? It takes you through 31 days with short readings and then a challenge to help you grow more intimate, communicate more, and spice up your love life! You can either buy the ebook (much cheaper) or the paperback.

But how can you give an ebook as a gift? I’ve got coupons now that you can download and print out to put right in there. There’s a link in the book that takes you right to the coupons, but you can find them here. Here’s a small version of the Valentine’s Day coupon:

Valentines Day Coupon small - Wifey Wednesday: Valentine's Gifts For Your Husband

He’ll love it! You can buy it either on Kindle or as a .pdf (read on your iPhone, iPad, any ereader, computer, or print it out!). Or get it as a paperback. Read more about it here.

2. Romance Toolkit – $4.99
Want more romance in your marriage? Here’s a collection of awesome printables–inviting him to different romantic date nights! Turn your marriage from boring to blazing!

Games for Valentine’s Day

2 Player Games Ad - Wifey Wednesday: Valentine's Gifts For Your Husband3. 2 Player Board Games

Looking for ways to spend more time together, but don’t know how? What about picking up a board game that’s really fun for just two players? I have a whole list of 2 player board games! Give him a card that says, “My favorite thing to do is to spend time with you.” Two of the most popular recent games: Forbidden Island and Exploding Kittens (for people who like explosions. And kittens. And sometimes goats).

4. A Romantic–or Sexy!–Scavenger Hunt – FREE!

Here’s a fun one to do, though it requires a little more planning. Cut out ten paper hearts, and then write a reminder of a particularly romantic–or sexy!–time you’ve enjoyed together. Put the first heart somewhere he’ll easily find, like where he keeps his keys, or in his briefcase. Then put a clue to where the next heart is hidden. Tell him there are 10 (or 8, or 6, or whatever) hearts, and once he’s found all, he’ll find your gift!

So, for instance, you can put on the first heart, “I love what we did two nights ago! Remember what I was wearing on the first night that we went away for the weekend last summer? You’ll find the second heart there!” On that heart you could put, “Remember when we crawled into the backseat for some hanky panky two years ago? You’ll find another heart there!” And so on, and so on.

It’s always fun to remind him of special times you’ve spent together. My husband once sent me on a Valentine’s Day hunt all over our small town. It was so sweet!

5. Sexy Dares – 24 Dares for Couples – $6.99       spicy dares 300x300 - Wifey Wednesday: Valentine's Gifts For Your Husband
Want to spice up things up in the bedroom? Here are 24 sexy dares that you can do together! 8 for him, 8 for her and 8 for both of you. Purchase the download, and then you can print them out to put in his stocking. Or you can dole them out one by one….”Wanna do this tonight?” 🙂 The dares are marriage-safe. No porn or sex toys are used in these dares. Check them out here!

6. Dice
What’s sexy about dice, you ask? You can play the dice game! Assign a body part to each number, 1-6 (lips, neck, ears, breasts, etc. etc. Get as racy as you want). Then assign an action to each number, 1-6 (lick, suck, stroke, etc.). Then roll the dice, and do what it says!

You can also add another dice for the number of minutes (or the number of 30-second intervals, whatever you’d prefer).

Here’s how it works in a stocking. In a ziploc bag, put two (or three) dice of different colours. Then write out the Dice Game instructions on an index card and put some lipstick kisses around the card. Stick the card in the bag, and you’re all done!

Dice Game - Wifey Wednesday: Valentine's Gifts For Your Husband7. Playing Cards for Strip Poker – $4.48
Put a deck of cards in a bag, and then write on the outside: How About a Game of Strip Poker? The greatest game where the loser doesn’t really lose.

8. MELT–The Massage Course for Couples – $89. (on sale from $147!)

meltmassage - Wifey Wednesday: Valentine's Gifts For Your Husband

Want to make your husband putty in your hands? Denis Merkas created this awesome video course that couples can take together to learn how to give each other amazing massages. If your husband is stressed at work, or if he works hard physical labor, you can make him feel amazing (and sure, he learns to massage you at the same time!) The videos are PG rated, but are really helpful and quick. Each video is just a few minutes long, but they add up to one amazing massage as you learn new techniques and then figure out how to put those techniques together and watch him melt. And you can access them right away–it’s a lifetime membership.

Instead of watching one more show on Netflix, or looking at one more Pinterest board, this gives you a reason to head to bed. You watch a video, pull out some massage oil, and then do it! And as you touch, it does help nerves to fire. If that leads to something else, woo hoo!

Check out the MELT video course right here, and get some heat going in the bedroom!

The special value of $89 will never be offered again–it’s his bundle of all of his different massage classes in one. Make him putty in your hands.

Read my longer review here.

Sexy Scents for Valentine’s Day

31fAVSYGHL - Wifey Wednesday: Valentine's Gifts For Your Husband9. Sensual Massage Candle – $6.56 (it’s on sale!)
These are awesome! You light them, and then the candle melts. But the “wax” is actually a massage oil that won’t burn your skin. So you can pour it on him, or he could pour it on you, and you can massage it in.

10. Sensual Massage Oil – $17.10
I’m more a candle person, but massage oil can’t be beaten, either! Here’s a great massage oil from Body Shop with scents to help you feel frisky. Added benefit: we women often feel more in the mood if things are dragged out a bit. Show him that massaging you helps you relax and helps you focus.

11. Nautica Cologne for Men – $12.99
Who doesn’t like their man smelling a little sexy?

12. Kenneth Cole Black Cologne – $29.85
Is your man more discriminating? Here’s a classier cologne.

Sexy Things to Wear for Valentine’s Day

13. My Husband Rocks or I Love My Wife T-shirts – $20 – $28
Celebrate how much you love each other–and tell the world! Here’s a Valentine’s Day gift that YOU wear that he may actually like–I Love My Husband. Or buy him “My Wife Rocks”! There’s so much negativity about marriage in the world. Why not advertise the fact to others that marriage can be awesome?

Love My Husband - Wifey Wednesday: Valentine's Gifts For Your Husband My Wife Rocks - Wifey Wednesday: Valentine's Gifts For Your Husband
14. Sexy Red Thong – $5.99
What guy doesn’t want a sneak peak of what you may be wearing later, so he can imagine it? Even if you don’t like wearing thongs during the day, it can be fun to put one for a few minutes (chances are it won’t stay on long).

51ja8NK7u0L. SL160  - Wifey Wednesday: Valentine's Gifts For Your Husband15. Silk Valentine’s Day Heart Boxer Shorts – $45
They’re cute! And there are other, more inexpensive, options for boxers, too. Here are some “Property of Wifey” shorts that are just $20!

16. Sexy Apron – $16.95
Pin a note to it saying, “how about I whip you up something special, wearing just this.”

Valentine’s Day Gifts He’ll Always Appreciate

17. Amazon Gift Cards, Starbucks Gift Cards

Everybody loves gift cards! And you can get them in any denomination. If you’re doing the scavenger hunt idea, put a gift card and a love coupon in an envelope for him at the end of the hunt.

18. iTunes playlist – $10

Make a playlist of the songs that were popular when you started dating. If you can’t remember, google “20 top songs” and then the year you started dating, and you’ll find them! If he liked country, check out the country. If he liked rock, check out rock. Then download them, if they’re not already on iTunes, and send the playlist to him.

Sexy Getaway for His Stocking

19. Coupon for a Hotel Room
If you want something really special, how about booking a night in a hotel where you can get away? Or, alternatively, ask your parents or a friend to take the kids for a night so you can spend the evening at home together–alone.

Put the coupon in an envelope and write on the outside: “So excited to have you for a night all to myself!”

Combine the Ideas

Do a scavenger hunt, and then at the end have a gift card, or a coupon for a hotel, or some coupons for some of the ebooks in an envelope! Or have a pair of dice and a print out of the dice game. It doesn’t have to cost a lot, but if you put some thought into it, and show him that you’ve gone to some effort, too, you really say, “I love you!”

Now it’s your turn! Let me know what you’re thinking makes a great Valentine’s Day gift.

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