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I’m a big believer that a child should have a place of his/her own. That doesn’t mean each child needs his or her own room, but I do think they should have space that’s theirs AWAY from parents, even if they share a room.

Parents need time to connect, and we need time to nurture that relationship that is central to the family. That doesn’t mean kids are never allowed in Mommy and Daddy’s room–my kids used to love piling into bed with us in the mornings to “help” wake us up. But I do think there should be that expectation that Mommy and Daddy have their own space. It’s so easy to have motherhood take over your whole identity and your whole life, and yet what those kids really need is for you to love their dad. Kids want to be raised in a family where the marriage is stable and secure and Mommy and Daddy love each other. So keep that bedroom to yourself!

And one of the easiest ways to do that is to make your children’s rooms fun! Create a room where they feel at home, and feel safe. That doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton of money, but you should:

  • Keep it bright with fun paint colours and open windows
  • Keep clutter to a minimum by cutting down on the number of toys and including big toy boxes throughout the room
  • Have a bookshelf with lots of favourite books (kids need books more than gadgets!)
  • Plan regular times for kids to help clean up their rooms (or clean them on their own). Tidy up for five minutes before each meal, and on Saturdays do a bigger clean with the kids helping. If you stay on top of it, the room will always feel cozy!

And here’s something else that’s fun: Use children’s wall decals to create an imaginary getaway. Evgie.com is offering a giveaway for our readers today, and I’m so excited to offer these to you. Honestly, I wish these had been around when my kids were babies because they’re so adorable, and I’m really decorative challenged. I never had any good ideas for their rooms, but this would have made it easy peasy!

Here’s the neat thing about wall decals: you create such a cute theme in a room, but then you can remove them easily when the child grows. It’s not like a paint mural you’d have to spend hours painting over; you just peel and off they come. It’s so easy to transform a room with children’s decals or nursery wall decals!

Take a look at these dinosaur wall decals:

Dinosaur Wall Decals from Evgie.com

$139 with Free Shipping

Or these Monkey Wall Decals for a nursery:

Monkey Wall Decals from Evgie.com

On Sale for $130

Or this Adorable Growth Chart:

Monkey Growth Chart Decal from Evgie.com

$80 from Evgie.com

You can even brighten up other rooms in your house–not just kids’ rooms! I love this idea of a family tree wall decal for your living room:

Family Tree Wall Decal from Evgie.com

$135 from Evgie.com

All Evgie.com wall decals are Non-Toxic, Non-Fading, Repositionable, Self-Adhesive Backing, Top-Quality Matte Vinyl. They include a free test decal so you can play around with it and get used to it before you stick on the big decal. All decals are designed and cut in-house. Elements come separately and can be installed as on the picture or adjusted to your wall height.

And until the end of November you get 25% off with the code TOLOVEHONOR! They’ve set it up just for us!

(That’s even 25% off the cost I’ve quoted below each decal). It’s always hard to buy Christmas presents for a baby or toddler who doesn’t really know what’s going on. I think this would be a great idea–give them a wonderful, imaginative room to grow up in.

Check out Evgie’s selection of children’s wall decals and nursery wall decals! And pin your favourites onto a wish list so that you can choose some with your hubby (or kids if they’re old enough!). Evgie’s on Pinterest, too.

And then enter our giveaway, where you could win $150 towards wall decals of your choice. I’m doing the draw next Friday night! And I know I’ve done a bunch of draws lately and haven’t announced the winners. I’ll do that this Saturday–so tune in on Saturdays to see the winners!

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