Hope you’re enjoying a wonderful weekend!

Thought I’d share with you some neat stuff for weekend reading.

Interesting Posts:

Get Teenage Girls to Read This!

A mom of sons writes an open letter to the teenage girls who post sketchy pictures of themselves on Facebook. It’s really tastefully done, and it’s wonderful! Check it out.

I wrote a column on a similar topic a while ago–Too Young to be Hot.

What Was Hard About Leaving and Cleaving–For You?

Blog reader Ngina Otiende wrote a great post about her disappointment in her family after her engagement. They didn’t get on board the way she wanted them to. I have some disappointments about my engagement days, too–I was the first in a circle of friends to get married, and my family members were all younger, so I didn’t get the typical “girls'” bridal shower that we all look forward to.

But letting those things make us upset is really unhelpful. Read her take here! And special thanks to Ngina for leaving this quote in the comments section this week:

OutsideofRelationship - Things That Stood out to Me This Week

She says that she got it from Beth at Messy Marriage, but Beth says she didn’t make up the quote, either. But both bloggers are awesome, so check them both out! Beth has a great series going on right now for those in Desperate Marriages, and I’d encourage you to read it.

The 4 Reasons People Don’t Go to Church

So a massive survey was conducted, asking people who never go to church why they never go to church. Here are the top four reasons. Honestly, I think many of these are copouts. But they’re there nonetheless, and the question incumbent on those of us in the church is: what do we do about it? Interesting food for thought.

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I also try to do a theme for the newsletters every month, pointing at different posts that I’ve written on different subjects, many of which you may not have seen. I’ve got over 1700 posts on this blog, and if you’ve only been following me for a while, you likely missed a bunch!

So here are some links to recent newsletters:

Parenting: Raising Great Teens

Marriage: Resolving Conflict

Marriage: Appreciating Your Mate

Check them out–and don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss any!

I’m Knitting Again–What Are You Doing?

A distraught woman wrote in this week that she was really struggling in her marriage because her husband liked to watch movies on weekend nights to unwind, and she didn’t like watching movies. She wanted to do something together. And she found herself increasingly resentful.

I completely understand, but the problem is that getting bitter about something won’t work. And it’s not right. Instead, I suggested that she ask him to carve out time at other points during the week that they could spend together doing something fun, and then on the nights that he wanted to watch movies, she find another hobby she’d enjoy doing on her own. As long as you are doing things together during the week, I think it’s okay to each have different interests and hobbies.
160x250 v1 - Things That Stood out to Me This Week
As for me, I knit! I always feel better when I’m knitting up a storm. And one of the designers I love is Stephanie Japel (I just finished knitting a dress pattern of hers), and she has a new Craftsy class where she’s teaching Knitting in the Round.

But if you’re not into knitting, they teach a ton of other things–including photography. Honestly, we all would do better if we decided to learn something that could give us a sense of creativity and accomplishment! And now you can learn in your own home. I think it’s so cool.

Bundle of the Week

I’ve been in several “bundle sales” this year with my book 31 Days to Great Sex, and the response has been phenomenal! I love bundle sales because you get such a great deal–often about 80% off what the ebooks would otherwise cost you.

Here’s something cool that the Bundle of the Week site is offering: If you like their bundles (they’re always $7.40 for 5 ebooks; a new bundle every week), you can buy a “credit pack” for 6 bundles, but you only pay for 5. So you get 1 free! And they’re introducing a way where you can store your ebooks on their website, rather than always having to download them, so you have access online any time with any device.

Check it out!

credit packs - Things That Stood out to Me This Week