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I’ve had such fun since The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex came out, speaking at churches around North America about God, marriage, and sex.

Yes, I raised a few eyebrows. But if we don’t talk about this in church, where are people going to turn when they need help or information?

I’ve created Girl Talk, my signature event, where we talk about how God created sex, why He created it the way He did, and how we can make sex better by focusing on the three main areas of intimacy: emotional, spiritual, and physical. I go into the roadblocks for a good sex life, the reasons we often have trouble enjoying sex or initiating sex, why our guys may not want it, and more! And it’s a lot of fun.

I just uploaded some clips from a recent event I thought you might like!

Here’s the intro to the talk:

Here’s me talking about why women often feel guilty about their bodies:

And here’s me talking about what God really meant intimacy to be about:

Here’s another clip from the same talk, but at a different church, talking about how God made men and women different when it comes to sex:

I would absolutely love to bring this to your church or MOPS group! You can learn more about the event here, but these are the dates I’m booking right now:

October 3-8, Arlington, Virginia

(I know this is short notice, but I’m going to be there anyway): I’ll be in Arlington, Virginia, and I’d love to meet with some Bible study groups or MOPS groups to give a pared down version of the talk, or if you have time to get an evening event, I’d love to do that! I’m in the area anyway, so I’m looking to fill up my calendar!

November 7, Saginaw, MI area

I’ll be in Michigan touring, and I have ONE opening! If you’re near Saginaw, I’d love to speak to your group! I can do morning, afternoon, or evening.

January 15-20, Pittsburgh, PA area

Are you in Pennsylvania? I’ll be there, too, and I’d love to speak for you!

February 20-21, Toronto area

I’m looking to book up my Toronto calendar! I’m already in the area on the Saturday, and I’d love to do more.

April 23-25, western Ontario

I’d love some Kitchener, Cambridge, Waterloo, Sarnia, etc. engagements then!

May and June 2014, southern states tour

I’m looking at putting together some talks in South Carolina and Georgia. If your church is there, let me know!
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Not in Those Areas?

I’d still love to book something with you, perhaps in fall 2014 or spring 2015. So send me an email and we’ll see what we can do!