Today, please welcome guest author, Jenny Lee Sulpizio, who shares a light-hearted, must-have list for all your family travels–very useful for families with kids of all ages.

Confessions - Confessions of a Minivan MamaThe minivan. Sigh

I don’t know about you, but prior to becoming a mom, the minivan was the one car I swore I would never (as in ever) possess–and for good reason. I mean a minivan? Well, it pretty much meant the end to any sort of “cool” I was hoping to hold onto. One husband, two dogs, three kids and a slew of activities later, the same girl (yep, me) who’d spent years resisting, clawing, scratching and fighting this one purchase, could do so no longer.

As you might have already guessed, I became a minivan mama. Me!

So, when I left the dealership that day in my recently-purchased ride, I adopted a newfound appreciation for this blessing I’d been fortunate enough to acquire. After all, everything was at my disposal: lots of lights, gadgets, mirrors, and too many mommy options to count. I could fit a whole baseball team in the trunk if I wanted to, and the boomin’ sound system that accompanied this vehicle had me instantly reverting back to the days when society once considered me hip.

As it turned out, minivans were pretty cool (Wait! Did I really just say that?).

But even with all of those options and oh-so-great features, this machine of mine failed to include many of the sanity-saving necessities I needed as a mother. Because even though we don’t all drive minivans, as moms, one thing’s for sure: we spend a lot, and I mean a lot of time in our cars. It’s our second home of sorts, which means we need to stock that thing from front end to rear bumper in order to stave off any/all emergencies our lives (and kids) will dish out on the road. Besides, being prepared is crucial to reducing our stress and keeping this game of motherhood manageable. Amen?

So what type of items should we keep on hand? And better yet, what’s really necessary to have for emergencies and the like?

I’m so glad you asked.

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In my recently released book, Confessions of a Wonder Woman Wannabe: On a Mission to Save Sanity, One Mom at a Time, I address this very question by providing in-depth lists of the numerous necessities we need to outfit our cars with. Because when you think about it, we moms need a lot more than ten gauze pads, two Band-Aids, and a vat of antibacterial ointment to keep our sanity in check, correct? In fact, we need a customized-collection of sanity-saving supplies that’ll address every sort of mommy emergency, and then some.

We need a Cuckoo Prevention Kit.

Wanna know more? Allow me to suggest (and briefly touch on) just a few of the items we need to keep in our cars at all times:

The Cuckoo Prevention Kit

Vomit Receptacles: Enough said.

Food & Drink: I’m always hungry…and so are my kids. Keep non-perishable snacks and drinks on hand.

Change of Clothes: For each of your children, preferably in the correct sizes.

Wet Wipes/Hand Sanitizer: I should own stock in both of these items. Seriously.

Boredom Busters: If you don’t bust your children’s boredom by being prepared ahead of time, it will definitely bust you. Try having some activities stocked and ready to go in your car at all times.

Spare Change: In case of emergency…like a Starbuck’s run or something.

Feminine Hygiene: Ugh. It happens each and every month so we might as well be prepared and keep some supplies just in case they’re needed.

Travel-Size EVERYTHING: Hit the travel aisle at your local grocer and stock up on these miniature sanity-savers. Hey, you never know when you might need something–deodorant, lotion, aloe vera-you name it and they’ve got it!

Chocolate: A small stash of chocolaty goodness may just be what we girls need after an adventure in the mommyhood. Keep a small supply stored in your kit (and maybe under lock and key). Yum.

Travel Potty: Because Mother Nature tends to “call” at all the wrong times. Better have one of these in your trunk just in case.

The Bible: Whether it’s the actual Bible or your favorite verse from Scripture, you need some form of God’s word in your car at all times. Use it to refresh, recharge, and renew as often as possible.

Yep. There’s no denying that our vehicles have become our home on wheels. And as most of us moms can attest to, once our kids reach a certain age, we spend the majority of our time chauffeuring them back and forth from one activity to another. But by equipping your cars with just some of the supplies mentioned above, those days of crazed chaos within your vehicle may be long gone.

And “Amen” for that!

How about you? What sanity-saving supplies are “must-haves” in your car?


Bio Pic - Confessions of a Minivan MamaAs a self-proclaimed (and slightly crazed) Wonder Woman Wannabe herself, Jenny Lee Sulpizio is a Christian wife and mother to three amazing kiddos. After hanging up her star-spangled bloomers (and that restrictive red corset) a few years back, Jenny now spends most of her “spare” time dishing out the latest in tips, hints, and practical advice when it comes to guiding other mommies through the trenches of motherhood. And when she isn’t cooking, cleaning, starting her latest load of laundry, or attempting to raise her kids right (as in manner-possessing, respectful, God-loving little tikes), Jenny can usually be found writing about it instead. Through her children’s books, personal website, blogs, and as a contributing writer for the online supersite(s), The MOB Society and Moms Together, there’s always plenty of information to relate to, and a whole lot of comic relief to go around.

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