I hope you’re enjoying a wonderful summer weekend! Here are some awesome reads and resources to make it even better.

Links to Read

First, on a serious note: I’ve really been struggling for the last two months with technical issues. It started with my shopping cart, which I have since moved, and then we had to switch servers, and I have just been dealing with glitch after glitch. I’m still having quite a few glitches, and it’s just discouraging. So I so appreciated J’s from Hot, Holy and Humorous post on how you can pray for marriage bloggers. If you have a moment, read it–and then pray for all of us!

This one makes me teary–on Tuesday we started moving my oldest daughter into her townhouse that she’ll be sharing with three other girls as she starts university in the fall. She’s ready to go, but it’s hard on me! She wrote a post about it here. (You can read about my family from someone else’s perspective!) Here are the three girls–my oldest on the left, her little sister in the middle, and Joanna, who’s living with Becca, on the right, hamming it up in front of the U-Haul truck (on one of the hottest days of the year, I might add!)

2013BeccaUHaul - Saturday LinkUp: Pinterest Marriage Party and More!

On a happier note, I dare you to read this without laughing uncontrollably out loud: The Fart That Almost Altered My Destiny–about having to fart on the third date with the man she later married. Too funny!

A shout out to my Catholic readers! So glad you’re here. Catholic Dating Sites has compiled a list of the Top 100 Christian Marriage blogs, and I’m on it! Thank you! See the complete list here.

In case you didn’t click through to all the Wifey Wednesday posts, here are a few that I did manage to read that I really enjoyed (thanks to all who linked up! I don’t always have time to read everything, but I’ll try to feature more of you on Saturdays!)

Corrie Anne takes up the subject of compatability in her post “You never marry the right person“, focusing on Tim Keller’s new book. Love it!

The folks at From Infidelity to Intimacy are dedicated to helping men defeat porn–and helping wives of those men, too. Check them out!

Need to get motivated to “get in the mood”? Do Not Disturb blog wants to help you have confidence in the bedroom.

On my Facebook Page, 4 Little Fergusons asked me to share with you about a big series she’s starting next week on s-e-x. It looks awesome! Read about it here.

Weekly Marriage Pinterest Party Button Sheila1 - Saturday LinkUp: Pinterest Marriage Party and More!

And now, here are some other great finds this week, with our weekly Marriage Pinterest party! Link up your own favourite marriage pins from this week (and don’t forget to follow my marriage board, too!)

Affilate Hockey 250x250 2 - Saturday LinkUp: Pinterest Marriage Party and More!

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