Hi everyone!

For the last few months I’ve been doing a giveaway post once a month, with different products, to help small businesses get the word out. I’m not going to do it in the same way from here on out, because I’m finding that my blog calendar is getting crowded. I’ll still offer the occasional giveaway on a specific post, though!

So today, for our final giveaway, I want to offer two things: one from ArtonLeaf, and one from me.

But first, a bit of background. Last weekend my baby turned 16.


We spent her birthday down in Pennsylvania, where she captained the Eastern Canada 1 team for Bible Quizzing with the Alliance Church. There were about 120 kids from all over North America competing on the book of Matthew. Katie came in 8th out of everybody, and her team was 4th out of 24. So she did great! She has all of Matthew memorized–all of it. It’s freaky.

Here she is answering a question:


And here she is waiting to see if she’ll be called right:


Anyway, it just hit me last week that I no longer have babies. My oldest one just left this morning to go paint her new apartment where she’ll be going to university in the fall. She and a bunch of friends are up getting it ready. I still remember them like this, from our tent trailer (Katie’s the silly one in yellow):


Art on Leaf Giveaway

Kids grow up so fast. And so I thought ArtonLeaf was a wonderful segueway into my daughter turning 16, because they offer both Bible verses (which she obviously knows!) and pictures of your loved one decoratively done on a leaf, like this:


Or like this:



This isn’t Wal-Mart Art, it’s real Wall Art. Something unique that will mean something special to your family. Find out more at ArtonLeaf.com–and ask them about putting other things on leaves, like a Family Mission Statement, a marriage invitation, or anything!

I have pictures all over my house of my kids, because I want to capture these memories. And now we’ve got some new favourite verses from her quizzing this year–Matthew 5:16; Matthew 11:28-30; Matthew 28:18-20. Filling your house with Scripture helps you to keep grounded and remember what’s important. And filling your house with pictures of those you love helps you to hold on to memories–even when the kids grow.

$25 Towards My Store

Nav1aAnd now I’d like to offer one of you $25 towards my store. I’ve spent three months changing everything on the blog. You may not have noticed much, because it’s gone on behind the scenes, but I switched servers, switched shopping carts, got a new newsletter service (are you subscribed yet?), and I’m spending a lot of time just cleaning things up. So I’m not getting the stuff done this summer I had hoped to–but everything’s getting a deep cleaning, so to speak, so it should run like clockwork once I’m done in a month.

I’m proud of what I’ve done so far, so if you haven’t taken a look at my shopping cart, head on over! And then leave a comment about a product you didn’t even know I had, and you could win that $25!

Just read the Rafflecopter instructions below and enter. I’ll be doing the draw next Monday at midnight EST.

Thanks so much, everybody!

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