Aren’t Sundays glorious?

I’m sitting out on my deck typing, Diet Pepsi in hand, enjoying the gentle breeze and watching the birds at my feeder.

As soon as I’m done this I’m going to browse some knitting patterns and start a new project!

I have a few quick things I’d share that may brighten your day, too.

I love how this little guy worships:

So precious!

Here’s another video my kids really laughed at this week (though the song choice is obviously not as good). 🙂

A Teen Blogger Asks: Is Marriage All It’s Really About?

Personally, I think this blogger makes a really good point. Too often we teach about purity in the wrong way–stressing too much about marriage and not enough about God. She’s on to something.

Check it out! And pass it on to any youth pastors/young people you know.

Oh, and she’s my daughter, too. 🙂 (Now’s your chance to see INSIDE THE MIND of someone whom I have formed….)

My Thought for the Afternoon:

Cheerleaders and Best Friends

Have you cheered your husband on lately? Listened to your wife’s heart? If not, go do it!