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Every month I like to host a giveaway, so that my readers get a chance to win some great products, and some people who run small businesses get a chance to let you all know about them.

Here’s what you can win this week!

1. Lilla Rose Flexi Hair Clips

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When I did my first giveaway in March, I included these amazing Lilla Rose flexi clips, that can be used to keep long hair neat and interesting. And they were so popular I asked consultant Laura if she’d like to do another one, and she said yes!

Do you have long hair and you want to style it well? Or you just want to add some “jewelry” to your do? My daughters have a TON of hair, and these work so well for keeping hair back and off their necks, especially in summer.

Independent Consultant Laura Bradley is giving away one certificate, redeemable for a clip up to $16 of the winner’s choice (new customers only, please).

The clips all come in different sizes to suit both your hair and the style you want to use. So if you want to stick a large ponytail in it, you can get the extra large.

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If, on the other hand, you’re just pinning back a small portion of a braid, you can get a small.

PinkLillaRoseinHair - Giveaway for June

But they all have beautiful designs on them with lovely beads, in all different colors. And they hold hair in place so well–even for those of us with immensely thick hair.

There are tons of videos online with ideas of what to do with the clips–including braids and updos you’ve likely never thought of before! Here’s a sizing and styling video you may find useful.

These really are lovely, and if you’re always just pulling your hair back in a ponytail, why not do it with a little flair?



Check out all of the styles and colors that are available here!

2. Art on Leaf Wall Art

Do you have a favourite Scripture as a family? Art on Leaf will put it on a leaf for you–so you can take a leaf out of God’s book!

LeafArt ALeafOutOfGodBookInFrame1 - Giveaway for June

The most popular post ever on this blog is my 50 Most Important Bible Verses to memorize, and if everyone who visited that post or tried to memorize some actually put some of those verses on the wall, we’d be so much better off! The more you can fill your minds–and your homes–with Scripture, the more it can transform us. And when it’s on the wall, we’re always reminded of God’s promises.

If you’d rather, though, you can even put a picture on a leaf, like this:

photo on leaf1 - Giveaway for June

This isn’t Wal-Mart Art, it’s real Wall Art. Something unique that will mean something special to your family. Find out more at ArtonLeaf.com–and ask them about putting other things on leaves, like a Family Mission Statement, a marriage invitation, or anything!

3. $25 Towards My Store

So for the last three weeks I feel as if I’ve been treading water. I’ve been getting this blog done, but I haven’t been doing any extra writing or speaking because I’ve been moving my shopping cart system over to a new website. And it’s finally done! I’m so happy with it. Head on over and take a look!

Nav1a - Giveaway for JuneIf you’ve never clicked on “Shop at Sheila’s” before (it’s the button up there below the header), do it now. I have 7 books, a ton of audio downloads (so you can hear some of the talks I give), some homeschooling resources, some resources for training new speakers, and more! Most of you likely know about 31 Days to Great Sex and The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex, but there’s so much more available.

And to celebrate it being ready I’m giving a winner $25 to spend on anything in the store. Please check it out! (Seriously, I’ve done a lot of work on this. Show me some love, people! 🙂 ).

That’s it–three great prizes! You can win by entering through Rafflecopter below. I’ll draw the winners next Wednesday night and announce them on Thursday. If you live outside of North America, and you win the Lilla Rose clip or Art on Leaf, I’ll provide you with some downloadable products and draw another winner, because the shipping is such an extra cost on my sponsors. But you’ll still be able to get some great downloads!

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