Let’s Fight the Frump Again

After our Fight the Frump week a few weeks ago, I had many of you saying:

I wish I knew how to get stylish clothes cheaply! Because for me, money is the issue.

I totally understand. And other than saying, “go to consignment stores”, I didn’t have much to add.

But now I’ve got a great resource that can help you so much more!

nobrainerwardrobe - Keep on Fighting that Frump--And More Inspiration!The No-Brainer Wardrobe (normally $7.99, but just 31 cents as part of the bundle) walks you through how to create a minimalist wardrobe–just the pieces that you really need, the “Essentials”. Then you have your “Additions” which make an outfit interesting. And then you have your “Finishers” which give it that Wow factor.

The key, she believes, is to limit your wardrobe so that it’s easy to coordinate things. That way, when you get up in the morning, it really is a “no brainer” to figure out what to wear, because the outfits create themselves.

She details how to go through your wardrobe right now and figure out what to keep and what to throw away.

And then she shows you how to build it deliberately.

But you don’t have to spend a lot of money! In fact, my favourite part of the book was when she took a few pictures from her “Style” board on Pinterest with her to a thrift store. Those pictures were her inspiration.

And with those pictures, she was able to reject some clothes and choose others, so that in the end she had an outfit that bore a remarkable resemblance to the one she started out trying to find. And she has so many pictures and so many explanations of what to look for (good quality collars, shirts that aren’t bulky at the back, etc. etc.) that you really can do it yourself. She’d show you how to examine the picture and figure out what you liked about it: a frilly top under a structured jacket. But if you can’t find a structured jacket, a structured sweater give the same feel. She shows how to ask these questions.

You just find a picture like this:

PurpleOutfit - Keep on Fighting that Frump--And More Inspiration!

..and take it to thrift store and look at how to recreate it!

I love it!

NoBrainer - Keep on Fighting that Frump--And More Inspiration!

So you don’t have to spend a ton! You just have to be strategic, stick to a plan, and keep your wardrobe to the minimum so that it’s no fuss.

That’s not the only inspiration for those of you with little money to spend on clothes, though.

Reuse Refresh Repurpose cover - Keep on Fighting that Frump--And More Inspiration!

In Reuse, Refresh, Repurpose, Frugal Girl gives step by step instructions on how to salvage old clothes and turn them into shopping bags, cloth napkins, skirts, doll clothes, and more! She also gives a great tutorial on how to dye clothing, or how to cut parts off of clothing that you don’t like so that you can keep the parts you do (like if it has a weird collar or something).

My favourite part was when she turned old clothes into fabric gift bags. They were so cute! I really want to do that. It’s just rectangles, so it looks like even I could handle it.

Finally, if you need inspiration on fighting the frump, Sarah Mae can give it to you!

FrumpstoPumps - Keep on Fighting that Frump--And More Inspiration!

She starts out by telling us that you can’t really fight the frump unless you figure out your “why”–why are you doing it? And no one else can tell you that why. It’s all individual. But we all feel it–that need to be ready for anything, that urge towards more discipline and more purpose, that urge towards energy.

Then, in each of her daily devotionals, she helps us focus on baby steps that add up to big changes.

And she wrestles with us through grace-based living and rules-based living. Too much of fighting the frump can become rules based living, and you don’t want that. What you do want is to be more powerful and more purposeful.

And why do we want to fight the frump? Because we mean business. Sure, yoga pants are comfortable. But you don’t mean business in casual. And cute and pretty can also be comfortable. So the question is: are you pursuing excellence or not?

I love this book because it’s so down to earth. It’s so real. She’s honest about wanting massive amounts of coffee, fighting getting out of bed in the morning, and desperate to find a time to shower. But she fights it because she wants to be excellent. To be purposeful. To be energetic.

So there you have it: Three books that will help you fight the frump in totally different ways!

My Challenge for You:

If you find yourself being drawn towards frump, I’d challenge you to think about it this way: I have an awesome job to do. I am a wife. I am a mom (if you are). I am an ambassador for God. This world needs people who will make a difference, get engaged, raise great kids, and keep the community strong. That takes energy, commitment, and oomph. So when do I feel like I have the most oomph? The most energy? When do I portray excellence? Ask yourself that. Think it through. And then, perhaps, it will become easier to fight the frump (and not nearly as expensive as you thought, either!)

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