We’re in the middle of the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle Sale this week, so my regular writing has taken a back seat until Monday. Normally on Fridays I post my column, but I was so busy this Monday returning from a speaking engagement and preparing for this sale that for only the second time in 13 years I didn’t write one. I sent in an older one to my newspapers out in Saskatchewan, which you can read here. It’s called Countering the Drift, and I really enjoyed that one. I thought it deserved wider exposure.

So turn there if you want some of my regular fare!

But for the rest of you, I want to show you something really neat you can do with the Homemaking Bundle.

When you buy the Bundle, you get 97 ebooks for just $0.31 each. 97 ebooks for $29.97. That’s a lot of books! And perhaps you’re worried you won’t use all of them, or need all of them.

Well, .pdfs work just like regular books–you’re allowed to give them away. The rule is that as long as you don’t keep a copy on your hard drive, you can “gift” a book to someone else. Some of you already own a few of the books in this collection, and so you’re wondering what to do with the doubles.

Take a book (or a few books), and combine them with some neat products to create a gift basket!

All you have to do is print out the cover of the book on a piece of paper, put the cover into an envelope, and then write on the envelope: Email me to redeem this coupon for a copy of (name of book).

Here are just a few combinations I was playing around with. All of them will cost less than $15. You can put them in a pretty basket with some ribbon, and place the envelope on top.

1. Mother’s Day for a Really Tired Woman

Use the book “Honoring the Rhythm of Rest”, which talks about how we can get the rest we need, and not push ourselves too hard.


Then you can add bubble bath, candles, an eye mask, or anything else that says “rest” to you. I love this book–it’s such an encouragement!


2. Gift for a Pregnant Mom

Is someone special in your life expecting a baby? The Pregnancy Journal is SO cute! You can write a letter to your baby, paste the ultrasound picture, record your exercise schedule and the new foods you’re trying to stay “pregnancy healthy”. You can record your weight every week, all the checkups, and then write out the birth story. And so much more! And it’s really decorative.

And then Redeeming Childbirth is a beautiful book that helps us work through our expectations, our past traumas (if previous births were difficult), and helps us work through how we’re going to approach this one. Angie Tolpin shares some wisdom, but then uses most of the book as guided questions to help you pray through and think about so that the experience is special for you.


3. Gift for A Mom Needing a Big Change

Do you have a friend who is stuck in a rut? Someone who just wants to jump start things and create a “whole new me”? What about sharing The No Brainer Wardrobe and Embracing Beauty? Wonderful books on how we can create a beautiful, confident me with relatively little work–no matter what stage of motherhood you’re in.

Beauty Books from homemaking Bundle

4. Gift for a Mom Who Loves Crafty Things in the Kitchen

Do you know a woman who loves making gifts in the kitchen? One of those crafty moms who can come up with fun gifts that cost relatively little money? She’ll love these two books: Holiday Mixes you can make, and Restocking Your Pantry, which is loaded with recipes for things I didn’t even know you could make. Things like Ketchup, and sour cream, and all of those condiments we have. But you can make them naturally!


5. Gift for a Mom with Little Kids

Do you have a friend with little kids–but your kids are much older now? Or perhaps you don’t have children at all! There are tons of parenting books that you can gift, like this:


Honestly, Easy Peasy Chore Charts will revolutionize any mom’s life. They make chores so easy, and help instill a sense of independence and responsibility in even very young children. And they’re so easy to use and follow! Your friend will thank you.

6. Gifts for the Budget Conscious Mom

Do you have a friend who loves making every penny go further? Here are some awesome budgeting books that she can glean for more frugal wisdom:


7. Gifts for Moms who Love Organizing

What about a friend who loves organizing–or who wants to get more organized? Try Simple Living, a book that helps us calm down, and Clean Enough, a book that helps us get organized, and find peace with our home. Here’s a collection that you can use to inspire her:


8. Gifts for Moms who Love Taking Pictures

Do you have a friend who loves adding pictures to Facebook? Someone who just loves collecting photos of her little ones? Here’s a neat book that can help you hone your photography skills with an iPhone or iPod:


9. Gifts for Someone Who Needs a Bit of Fun

And here’s something for absolutely no reason–except that it’s so much fun! How to make your own ice cream:


10. Gifts for a Friend Who Blogs

If you have a blogger in your life, but you don’t actually blog, you may find the few books on blogging not really of interest to you. But you can gift them to someone who could really use them!


11. And Finally–You Knew it Was Coming–Gifts for Your Husband

Hey, I couldn’t leave this one out! You’re going to get 31 Days to Great Sex. How about putting it in a basket for your husband? (It even comes with coupons that you can print out and give to your husband)! Or, if you’re feeling courageous, present this in a basket for an anniversary gift for a fun couple you know. Include the Rekindling Romance Toolkit, that comes with love coupons to print out, date night ideas, invitations for a fun evening, and tons more that can help you bring that spark back:

Romance Gift Ideas from Homemaking Bundle


There you go! Eleven possible gifts, using just 19 of the books that you’ll receive. I’m sure you could come up with lots more combinations for the remaining 78. Think of all the neat gift baskets you could create for friends in the future!

So buy a bundle for yourself–and gift the ones that you don’t think you’ll use. Or buy an extra bundle to make low-cost gifts to give to friends for years to come! You can read a list of all the books that are included right here. Or just:


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