My column will appear today at noon EST. I just have something else I want to tell you about this morning–that you can also win for Mother’s Day!

Right now I’m on tour in Southern Ontario with Girls Night Out. I’m in Dunnville tonight, and Welland tomorrow, and I’ve done two other shows already this week.

And one thing that I love about the Girls Night Out events is that they’re sponsored by World Vision, and in the middle of them I get the privilege of asking people to sponsor kids. We have so very much here in North America; I believe that God has given us the privilege to share.

While I’m home, though, my husband, mother and I are planning another trip next summer to the Mulli Children’s Family in Kenya, a children’s home we’ve visited three times before. What I love about going there is that my mother and I focus on some of the teenage girls, and preparing them to have their own businesses. We’re quite passionate about coming up with business models that will work in Kenya. People really don’t want a handout; they just want a hand up, a way to support themselves and their children (or future children).

And so when Wal-Mart asked me to help my readers know about the Empowering Women Together initiative, I said yes, because I’m so glad that even a large corporation is getting behind women-led businesses in the Third World. You can see a variety of the businesses they support at a glance on their Pinterest board, or look through their lovely Mother’s Day catalogue here:

I absolutely adore the pink maxi-dress from Gahaya Links in Rwanda, my pet project (I just have a thing for women in Africa). And it’s not expensive, either! I’m thinking of picking one up for my youngest daughter, who loves summer sundresses.

I often think: what would I do to support myself if I grew up on the other side of the world with little education, no capital for equipment, no job opportunities, and no plan? Forget computers; they often don’t have reliable electricity, let alone internet. Forget anything technical; many women don’t have adequate education.

What they do have is creativity and initiative, just like moms here. They want to provide a good home for their kids.

So the women got together and started creating items that would be of interest to women all over the world. And then Wal-Mart stepped in to help get them to market and enlarge their reach. In Rwanda, for instance, some women raising kids on their own got together to start a sewing business. And now they make fashionable purses and dresses and skirts that are lovely, and they’re able to provide for their families.

When people shop at the Empowering Women Together website, they can find unique gifts for Mother’s Day, baby showers, housewarming presents, or small items that actually mean something. Often we have to buy a small gift for someone, and we don’t know what to get, so we end up buying something that will just take up space in their house. Here’s a chance to buy something that’s a win-win for everyone; the gift will be unique, but you’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping a strong, creative woman build a life for herself and her family.

And just for Mother’s Day you can Pin it to Win it! Wal-Mart is offering a $75 gift bundle with a variety of the items available in their Empowering Women store, such as Fair Trade organic coffee, an inspirational faith/hope jewelry set, a basket set, and more. The bundle will feature items you can see here (Wal-Mart will choose what items are included in your prize).

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Here’s all you have to do to win this $75 gift bundle :

1. Go to Empowering Women Together.

2. Pin an image from that site to one of your Pinterest boards.

3. Use the hashtag #pintoempower

4. Write a brief description of the item you like best.

5. Come back here and leave a comment with a link to your pin!

It’s that easy! And then I’ll randomly choose one comment to be awarded the prize. The contest is open until Tuesday, May 15 at midnight. I really hope you’ll participate, because even if you don’t win, you’ll be spreading the word about these lovely gifts that you can buy, and telling others about these things that women are creating all over the world.

This is a compensated post, but all the thoughts are my own (and I totally support women entrepreneurs in the Third World!)

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