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Every weekend I like to post a question someone sends in and let you readers have a go at it. This week, though, all my questions were really complex and not easily summarized. I never post someone’s whole story because I just want to talk about general issues, and that’s just too private. So I always try to make it into one big overarching theme. Couldn’t do that this week.

But one thing really struck me from the comments, so I thought I’d turn this “reader question” around and make it MY question to YOU, my readers.

One commenter wrote this week about the problems she and her new husband are experiencing in the bedroom. I asked if they had covered sex during their premarital counseling, and suggested that she go back to her pastor and ask for some counseling.

She said they didn’t talk about sex during premarital counseling.

ACK! How can a pastor do premarital counseling and not talk about sex?

So here’s my question:

If you did premarital counseling, did you talk about sex? Was it handled well? In retrospect, what do you wish you had learned more of during that counseling (that part can be about anything!)

I guess that’s more than one question, but I’d love to know about your experience. Let me know in the comments!

Thanks all, and have a great weekend. Tomorrow our great April giveaway launches, so stop by to enter.

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