A good marriage is like synchronized swimming...Today I’m just going to post little snippets of a variety of things. First, want to work on having an amazing marriage? Here are some thoughts for you:

To go along with yesterday’s post on why it’s sometimes hard to say yes to sex, J at Hot Holy and Humorous reminds us that just because he’s stopped asking for sex doesn’t mean he’s stopped wanting (or she’s stopped asking, she’s stopped wanting). Awesome post!

Made for Each Other. As we’re married, we grow together in really neat ways!

How a Marriage Changes. It really can happen, but it takes dedication and commitment to work on your own stuff first!

7 Thoughts that Can Change a Marriage. It’s humbling to apply these, but it can change the dynamic of everything.

Resolving Conflict: Get to the Real Issue. Do you know how to identify the issue when you’re having conflict? Often it’s not what we think!

When Conflicts Don’t End. Have you ever felt like you had the same fight over and over again? And you never really saw any break through? Here are some thoughts for you.

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Life Coaching Can Help Your Marriage

Sometimes we all need a new set of eyes, a fresh pespective, or someone to pray us through a problem. A good counselor or life coach can be so valuable. I know it means an investment of money, but ultimately the money that you spend now will come back later when your marriage is so much more rock solid!

So last week we gave away an hour of life coaching with best-selling author Shannon Ethridge.

That hour has been awarded, and the winner contacted, but if you didn’t win, Shannon would still love to help you! You can find her here.

Socialize More–And Add Some More Fun to Your Life!

One of the fun parts of my day is first thing in the morning when I go on Pinterest to see what older posts, that I may have forgotten about, have been pinned overnight. I always mention one on Facebook, so if you’re not a fan of my page yet, go on over and hit like!

Anyway, I’ve noticed a common theme in a bunch of older posts, and it’s made me think that maybe God is trying to tell me something. See if you can see the theme:

Entertaining vs. Hospitality: Having People Over

Turning Dinner Into a Family Event

Family Games Nights Rock!

Is There Laughter in Your Home?

I think I need to have more fun! And that probably means socializing a little bit more, and spending more time getting to know people. I find often we complain that a church isn’t friendly, or that it’s hard to get to know people, but of course it’s hard to get to know them if we only see them Sunday mornings! We need to start opening up our homes and just socializing and having FUN some more. My husband and I used to try to have a family in for dinner once a week, but it’s gotten hard with the kids’ work schedules (that’s what the teenage years do to you). But I think I need to start it again!

Whew. That’s a whole lot of updates for you in one post! I hope I’ve given you lots to read and think about.

My big takeaways: Marriage takes hard work. But it’s worth it! And don’t forget to have fun, which means don’t forget to spend time with those you love.