April Giveaway - April Giveaway Palooza

Every month I  like to host a giveaway of three fun products that I know women will love! And I like to help out small businesses, too. (To find out how you can be involved in future giveaways, read the details here.)


“Scarf Appeal” Necklace

I met Lisa and Renee in Willmar, MN last month when I gave my Girl Talk. They’re fantastic organizers and decorators (they decorated the stage to match my book cover!), and they took good care of me when I was feeling rather under the weather right before I had to speak (and they didn’t freak out too much outwardly, either!).

Anyway, Lisa and Renee are both stay at home moms, and they have a business making lovely accessories called “Scarf Appeal”. You can see their items on their Facebook Page.

They gave me a lovely knitted scarf and a lovely necklace, which matches the top that I often wear speaking. So last Friday when Keith and I spoke together at Elevation Church in Waterloo, I put it on!

SheilaNecklace1 - April Giveaway Palooza

Best of all, the necklace and earring sets are really inexpensive, at only $20 for a combination set ($14 for just the necklace).

Here’s the knitted scarf:

knitted scarf - April Giveaway Palooza

And here’s a necklace/earrings combo:

necklaceearringsset - April Giveaway PaloozaRenee and Lisa are giving away a necklace and earrings set! And please go browse their Facebook Page, because their items are so affordable (and gorgeous!).

“ThirtyOne” Thermal Tote

I hadn’t heard of ThirtyOne before consultant Andea Goolsby emailed me, but they have such cute stuff! And an amazing story.

ThirtyOne sells amazing utility totes, thermal totes (so you can go on picnics as a family! I’m a big one for outdoor family activities. Anything that takes you away from a screen!), bags, and more.

OrganizingUtilityTote - April Giveaway PaloozaTheir bags are available in a variety of patterns, and they have lovely, useful wallets, too. The name of the game is useful but still attractive. No more purses without enough pockets, or bags that are too small for your wallet. They’re aiming to help women on the go get where they’re going!

Thermals - April Giveaway PaloozaThese thermal bags are my favorite. They even can be personalized, with your name on it, so that when you’re at a soccer tournament in the summer people will know which bag to raid for the good stuff. 🙂

Consultant Andea writes:

I am married to Allen and we have three children and a dog named Daisy. We love people, reading, hiking and adventures on and off the road. And we love God and learning more about leaning on Him. I’m so impressed by My ThirtyOne, since it’s a  Christian-based business and stands on the premise of the Proverbs 31 woman. Thank you, Sheila, for this opportunity to be a part of your blog family! I am anxious to get to know your followers and to be able to offer this Thirty-one giveaway!

Giveaway 2013 Sheila Gregoire - April Giveaway PaloozaAndea is giving away a cute thermal tote that I know you will find useful!

And here’s a little bit of the background of ThirtyOne:

Cindy Monroe launched Thirty-One in the basement of her family home in Tennessee ten years ago. Today, she has 1,500 employees and an Independent Consultant sales force nearly 40,000 strong. Thirty-One is now headquartered in Johnstown, Ohio, with a second location in the Easton area of Columbus. A third location in Springfield, Ohio. Cindy and her husband Scott borrowed $10,000 from family and friends to start Thirty-One ten years ago. The goal was to provide affordable and fashionable products previously available only at exclusive boutiques that closed at 5 p.m. – too early for working women to shop there. Cindy did not stand on the sidelines to let others create her dream; she dove right in and got to work. Cindy held the first party, recruited the very first Consultant (who is still with the company today) and helped develop the first product lines. Thirty-One exists because Cindy wanted to provide an opportunity for women to find financial freedom through owning their own business in direct selling. Thirty-One?s Independent Consultants hold home parties to share the company’s products and opportunity in person and build relationships with Hostesses and customers. Thirty-One offers exclusive, on-trend accessories and organizing solutions – many of which can be personalized. It is the company’s commitment to give women the opportunity to become successful business owners. The company’s name comes from Proverbs 31, which celebrates hard-working women who are compassionate, gracious and inspiring to their families and the people around them.

You can browse ThirtyOne’s items here, or talk to Andea about her business here.

Scentsy PlugIn

Do you love creating a house that feels like home? Do you love it when people feel comfortable and relaxed in your home, like it’s a lovely place to sit and talk and unwind?

So much of that has to do with atmosphere, and that’s what Scentsy is dedicated to. You want great friendships and rich family life, and scent is hardwired into our brain to be connected with emotion. Scent can help us relax, can help us feel uplifted, can help us feel invigorated.

That’s why Scentsy offers a wide array of luxurious but affordable products to create just the right atmosphere.

They’re famous for their “warmers”, which you can choose from a wide array of designs and scents.

img fullsize warmer heroshot - April Giveaway Palooza

But they also have a wide array of personal care products, including my favorite (Body Butter; I get such dry skin!), and even a line of luscious antibacterial soaps.

hero bodybutter - April Giveaway Palooza

TWWgiveaway1 - April Giveaway PaloozaConsultant Amy Johnson has offered a Plugin Warmer as a prize. Remember to check out her store, too, to see the other wonderful products that can make your house feel like a home.

To enter our giveaway, just use the Rafflecopter below. I’ll be choosing a winner next Sunday at midnight, and announcing next week. The prizes are only available to residents of North America, but if someone from Australia or Europe or Africa wins, I’d be happy to send them a variety of my downloadable products as prizes, and then we’ll choose another North American winner for the giveaway items. We’re not discriminating, it’s just that shipping costs so much and my kind giveaway donors only have a limited budget.

Thanks so much, and good luck!

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