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It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time to talk marriage! I introduce a topic, and then you all can link up your own marriage posts below in the linky.

Today’s post is submitted by Lara Williams, telling the story of how God used the brokenness in her own life and her own marriage to bring her to Himself. Because really, that’s the main point in life. Whether your marriage is strong or whether it’s tottering; whether your marriage survives, or whether your spouse betrays you; the main thing in life is that we choose to hear God and follow Him, allowing Him to heal the brokenness. Here’s Lara:

Being a wife is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I mean, I went into this thing thinking that he would rub my feet without me asking and dote over my exquisite beauty. You’re laughing. I didn’t realize that Cinderella, and every other Disney princess, had lied — or at the very least led me astray in my expectations.

The truth is I had an idol. It was a pretty little idol. It was one that told me I had a “right” to my husband loving me like Jesus. You know. Like the Bible says. But it was an idol — me thinking that a man’s love could actually fulfill that deep down craving. And we all know what God thinks about idols.

8362096550 1588372072 - Wifey Wednesday: To Walk or StayGod loves us too much to allow His children to worship someone or something other than Himself. He may let us follow our wayward thinking for awhile, but give it time and He will faithfully discipline. Because He’s our daddy. And He knows what’s best.

My Lord chastened me. And He did it through a valley of deep brokenness.

My husband had allowed sin to take him captive and it led him down a road of infidelity. And when God revealed the betrayal, I was completely crushed. Every dream for our home. Every hope for our marriage. Every expectation of my man’s love. All of it lay as a crumbled mess on barren ground.

I remember the grief weighing heavy. I remember not knowing what to do or how to be. But I also remember seeking after God. I remember being real and raw with Him, asking Him to speak wisdom into a very difficult situation. And He graciously answered.

I didn’t hear Him audibly — that would have completely freaked me out. But it was as if God spoke directly to my spirit, “My daughter, you can walk away if you choose. I will always be with you. But if you would dare to stay, then you will see me do something wildly miraculous.” I’m not sure how I got to the book of Joel, but He led me there and promised to restore the years that the locusts had eaten. I was shocked at His intimate leading.

By His absolute grace I stayed. I definitely didn’t feel like it. I still had many days where I wanted to walk away. But God. In only the way that He can, He completely transformed me in the midst of that dark pit.


For it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for His good pleasure.
Philippians 2:13


Years later I can say that God has restored our home and our marriage. He has worked miracles in my heart and miracles in my husband. But that restoration wasn’t the ultimate victory.

The greatest blessings arose in the midst of the pain. It was in the dark that God proved His sufficiency. He drew me into an intimate communion with Him and shed things from my flesh that needed shedding. It was in the dark that I experienced the abundance He promised in Christ — peace in the storm and joy in what should have been despair.

I don’t know where your marriage is today, but I do know this. There’s a God. And He wants to lead us and walk with us. He stands ready to minister healing to any wounds on His child’s soul. He can faithfully stir up hope and peace as we press into Him.


Lara’s new book To Walk or Stay releases this week! In it she shares what God taught her in that valley of brokenness. And though her marriage story lays the backdrop, this book is about a really big God who can be fully trusted even in the midst of suffocating fears and shattered hopes. You don’t want to miss it!

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