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Hi all!

I know many of you are newer readers, and so you may have missed some posts last month. And many of you are occasional readers, and really want to focus on “the best”. So every now and then I like to post the top posts from the previous month.

I think I’ll take it one step further, though, and talk about some posts that have also been “rediscovered”. One of the things I like every morning is sitting in my robe, sipping hot chocolate, and checking which older posts that I had forgotten about got “pinned” overnight. And sure enough, this week some great ones did! There’s Women Are Not Like Slow Cookers (so true!) and My Rather Imperfect Home. They’re fun! Check them out.

As for the top trafficked posts, I’ll post the top ten overall, and then the top five that were written in February. I have some older posts that are always really popular, so if I just posted “the top 10 posts from February” it would be the same list just about every month. So I like to do two lists: one overall, and one list of the new stuff.

We’ll start with the Top 10 Overall for February:

1. 50 Most Important Bible Verses to Memorize. I really love this post! If you’ve ever wanted to start memorizing, but didn’t know where to start, here are my 50 favorites–one a week for a year. Start today, and in a year you’ll know 50 verses! I’ve also just created some printables where you can print them out as little verse cards. (all proceeds to our next missions trip to Kenya!)
2. 16 Ways to Flirt with Your Husband. It was part of my 29 days to great sex series (and it’s expanded in the 31 Days to Great Sex!)
3. 7 Thoughts That Will Change Your Marriage. Yay! This one made both lists. My most viral post since #2. I think #1 Thought is my favorite.
4. 7 Steps to Raising a Teen Who Won’t Date Too Young. Pinterest is responsible for this one being so popular! It gets pinned a ton.
5. Why Doesn’t My Husband Want to Make Love? This one is popular not because it’s been pinned (it really hasn’t) but because it’s the most common search that lands people here. This is a huge problem for many of you reading this blog, and I do understand.
6. 29 Days to Great Sex Day One: The Act of Marriage. If you’ve never worked through this series, you can! And the 31 Days to Great Sex is expanded, and written just for couples. Take it to the next level!
7. 25 Marriage Tips. Love this post!
8. 14 Ways to Play as a Couple. Part of the 29 days series.
9. 50 Best Marriage Quotes of 2011. A big search engine favorite! And a great way to discover other marriage bloggers.
10. How to Have an Orgasm. Another post from the 29 days series. And there’s lots more on this topic in The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex.

Now, what about posts written just in February?

1. 7 Thoughts That Will Change a Marriage. It made both lists!
2. 10 Not so Helpful Things to do For Your Spouse. A great guest post.
3. A Valentine’s Day He’ll Love. Let’s not stop trying to woo him!
4. What Is Real Intimacy? So important to understand.
5. When Your Husband Says His Porn Addiction Isn’t About You. So many women are walking through this; this post may help clarify some things.

What’s Coming:

This Sunday I’m launching a new monthly feature–I’ll be doing a HUGE giveaway! Three different items are up for giveaway, and you can see them on the right sidebar. Come on back next week to enter.

Facebook Highlights:

We’ve had plenty of great discussions on the Facebook Page this month, too.

1. Last night I asked: What can an engaged couple do to withstand temptation?
2. Earlier I asked, A reader says, “our sex life is stressful because we’re trying to get pregnant (to no avail). What can we do to make it less stressful?”


I’m heading off to Minneapolis next week to talk to two different churches about marriage and sex! So excited. If you think your church would be interested in having me (it’s a great night with laughter and lots of practical information), contact me here.

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