Fight the Frump Giveaway

Woo hoo! It’s our first big giveaway! This is a new monthly feature I’m starting at To Love, Honor and Vacuum, where I’ll be giving away three amazing items in one post. (If you have a product you’d like featured, you can read more about how to be featured here.)

I decided to start with some accessories, and some soothing cream, because this week on the blog is Fight the Frump (I’m so excited!). We’re going to be talking about how to dress so that you feel good in your skin. And I thought offering some accessories, and some soothing massage cream, would be a good way to start.

1. Lilla Rose Flexi Hair Clips


Do you have long hair and you want to style it well? Or you just want to add some “jewelry” to your do? My daughters have a TON of hair, and I had never heard of these clips until recently, and so now I have several on order for them. I can just imagine how good they’re going to look!

Independent Consultant Laura Bradley is giving away one certificate, redeemable for a clip up to $16 of the winner’s choice (new customers only, please).

The clips all come in different sizes to suit both your hair and the style you want to use. So if you want to stick a large ponytail in it, you can get the extra large.


If, on the other hand, you’re just pinning back a small portion of a braid, you can get a small.


But they all have beautiful designs on them with lovely beads, in all different colors. And they hold hair in place so well–even for those of us with immensely thick hair.

There are tons of videos online with ideas of what to do with the clips–including braids and updos you’ve likely never thought of before! Here’s a sizing and styling video you may find useful.

These really are lovely, and if you’re always just pulling your hair back in a ponytail, why not do it with a little flair?



Check out all of the styles and colors that are available here!

2. Origami Owl

O2 storyboard_family

Next up is Tina, an independent consultant from Origami Owl. Origami Owl is a year-new company that offers unique lockets and jewelry that represent things that you love.

I am a huge fan of lockets. I inherited a lovely one when my grandfather died, and while his picture was inside it, when I peeled it back I found a picture of my great-grandmother, dead almost a hundred years now. That’s a story to find!

Lockets become treasured keepsakes that tell a story. Every Living Locketβ„’ is custom designed with charms that tell the story of your life and represent the things you love. To begin creating yours, first select charms that have meaning to you (they even have a large selection of Christian items). Then select your favorite locket + chain. Add a little personality with a hand-stamped metal plate or dangles.

A great gift for Mothers Day! And it’ll be a lovely conversation piece, too. (Why not tell your husband you’d like him and the children to choose one for you for Mother’s Day?)

Since we’re leading up to Fight the Frump, let me also say this: one way not to be frumpy is to ACCESSORIZE! Putting on a necklace and earrings doesn’t seem necessary if you stay home all day, but you will feel better, and you will look more put together. And if you’re going to put on some jewelry, why not wear something that’s actually meaningful to you?

Tina is graciously offering a giveaway of the love necklace from the “tagged” line. Adorned with a “love” inspiration tag made of solid fine pewter, a pewter heart accent tag, and a coral earth element, it will remind you all day of how blessed you are with love in your life.

The tags hang on a 16″ rhodium plated faceted ball chain.


To place an order, browse here orΒ  email Tina here. You get half priced shipping when you do that, and if you mention that Sheila sent you, a portion of your purchase will also go to help a family in need.

3. Romantic Massage Candle

Comfort Massage Candle Have you ever heard of a massage candle?

They’re all the rage now, but until recently I’d never heard of them, either. It’s a soy-based candle in a tin, mixed with essential oils and lots of all natural goodness, and the neat thing is that when it burns, it doesn’t get super hot like wax does. It’s just the perfect temperature for a lovely, warm massage. So you light it, snuggle up with your hubby and talk, and a few minutes later you have wonderful oil that you can use to give each other a massage. It’s not greasy; it just gets absorbed in the skin and feels wonderful.

Interestingly, Mom’s Love Rub owner Jan Nellis didn’t contact me about being hosted on this giveaway. One of her customers emailed me and said, “you have GOT to feature this candle! It’s done wonders for our marriage!” And so I contacted Jan and asked if she’d like to be a part. And she was kind enough to send me samples of both the massage candle and the Mom’s Love Rub, and they are WONDERFUL! They smell luscious but not overpowering, and after battling itchy skin especially on my back and stomach all winter, one go with the massage candle cured it.

Jan’s actually famous not for her massage candle (which is great) but for her Mom’s Love Rub, which is great on bee stings or bug bites, cuts and kitchen burns, chapped lips and sun-parched skin. Oh, and it’s also wonderful for a massage, too!


Also lovely is that Jan’s prices are really low. The candle is only $6, way lower than anything comparable I’ve seen on Amazon. And the Love Rub is only $6, too. So check it out!

Jan is giving away one comfort massage candle to the lucky winner.

So now let the giveaway begin! You can enter in Rafflecopter below. Just leave your Facebook or email address in it, but you earn extra “entries” if you also like everybody’s Facebook Pages. And then next Saturday night at midnight EST I’ll ask Rafflecopter to draw three winners. The first will receive the hair clip, the second the necklace, and the third the massage candle.

Here’s our first step in fighting the frump: accessorize, and feel good in your skin! So enter to win. And you can earn extra entries by tweeting every day about this, so come back here often this week.

Good luck! And thank you so much for my first three giveaway participants. Remember, when you purchase things through their site, you support women-led small businesses.

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