I’ve got a number of quick things to share with you today!

Giveaway Winners

Did you Fight the Frump with me last week? So many of you did, which was a huge encouragement to me, too! And to launch Fight the Frump week, we had a giveaway of three fun things: a Lilla Rose flexi clip, an Origami Owl necklace, and a massage candle from Mom’s Love Rub.

I also offered a package of books and tuition for my new, 6-week course, The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex, to one person who participated in Fight the Frump! Those prizes have now been awarded, and the winners contacted.

But you can still get your hands on the wonderful products!

GreenLillaRoseflexiclip - Giveaways, Community, and More Fun!

Laura, an independent consultant with Lilla Rose, says that free shipping starts today and ends this weekend. So if you loved the clips, now’s a great time to buy!

O2 storyboard family - Giveaways, Community, and More Fun!

Tina, from Origami Owl, says that these personalized lockets make awesome Mother’s Day presents. So ask your husband–or your kids–for one coming up!

And Jen’s massage candle will bring some romance back into your marriage, so order one NOW! And then don’t just wait for your husband to give you a massage. Use some of the luscious oils to make him feel great, too!comfortmassagecandle - Giveaways, Community, and More Fun!

Our online, 6-week class for The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex is starting to fill up! I’m so thrilled to have people join us. I love blogging with you everyday, but this is the FIRST TIME I’ve actually given people the opportunity to learn from me on an in-depth basis. And that’s because there’s more to say, and I think the best learning is when it’s also interactive–when you can share your stories, and your questions, and say, “wait, we need to go over that again.” Or, “what about this?”

Why am I passionate about this? Marriage has the capacity to bring such joy and strength and energy to people. And yet it can also bring tremendous heartache. When marriages are strong, families are strong. Churches are strong. Communities are strong. But when marriages fall apart, everybody suffers.

We’re trying to solve all these social problems right now–guns, and education, and hatred, and bullying, and promiscuity. Yet ultimately government can’t do that. Only strong families can heal our hurts. And so I want to be a part of what God wants to do to strengthen families, starting with yours.

Have you ever wondered, “isn’t there more than this?” There is! And I want to help you see that.

Enroll now. I’d love to get to know you better–and see your marriage thrive.


Awesome Posts to Read

Some quick things to share with you today.

First, Annabel from Spice and Love, who has guest posted here before, has a great post about sugar, Lent, and erotica. You may not see the connection, but go read! She’s brutally honest, and so refreshing in how it is only God alone who brings real satisfaction. She touches on something important–often we start off reading Christian romance, turn to secular romance, and from that to erotica. It’s a continuum all too many women walk down. And it’s wrong. I’d like to return to this more myself in the future, but go read that now.

Second, Romantic Marriage has a great post on the necessity of asking “Why?” when something is wrong. If you don’t ask enough questions, you won’t get to the root of the real marriage problem. Very insightful!

(Thanks to Generous Husband for tweeting about both of these articles and alerting me to them!)

Third, my dear friend Ann Voskamp has a post about raising boys in light of Steubenville. A must read.


Fight the Frump RoundUp

Are you still Fighting the Frump? I hope so! Here’s a comment that came through yesterday that made me smile:

I wasn’t able to participate in Fight the Frump last week but I’m doing it this week and I just wanted to tell you that I woke up this morning and felt totally unmotivated to face the day. I wanted to just stay in my pjs! (I’m a stay at home mom so I do that quite a bit or just change into pajama-like clothes). But I got dressed in not-so-frumpy-clothes and put on some makeup and that totally changed my mood! I felt more confident in my ability to do what I needed to do and have a good mood! I just wanted to let you know! Thanks for writing this series and giving some great tips!

Woo hoo!

And I love this comment that came through Tuesday:

Sheila, I want to thank you for giving this challenge. I took it and had some amazing results! I’m a SAHM and usually lounge around in jammie pants and an oversized tee. By the end of the week I am now getting fully dressed and accesorized. I also invested in some new bras (would you believe I was wearing bras that were too big in the band and 4 cup sizes too small!) Those small investments in my apperance have boosted my self-confidence and I feel amazing. And my hubby has definately noticed the difference. I now look forward to his compliments! Best of all, our, ahem, romantic life has a new spark to it icon wink - Giveaways, Community, and More Fun! Thanks so much for challenged us all!

That too-big-in-the-band and 4 cup sizes to small is SO COMMON! Make sure you’re wearing the right size, ladies. It makes a world of difference. Check it out here.


Gratitude Reminder

I asked on Facebook last night, “what are you grateful for about your spouse?” I love all the responses! When we focus on what we’re grateful for, that’s what we see. When we look for things to be happy about it, we will find them. And the things that bug us will diminish in importance.

As we’re leading up to Easter, that time of year when we are reminded again that we ALL are in need of God, let’s practice some humility in our marriage, mixed with a good dose of gratitude. It will do wonders!

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