Flickr 3006348550 - Reader Question of the Week: Separate LivesEvery weekend I like to post a question someone sends in and let you readers have a go at it. This week’s question comes from a reader, who wants to bring her family together:

I feel like my whole family is just a bunch of individuals under the same roof. We all do our separate things–the kids have their friends and their activities, and my husband has his friends and his activities. My husband is always on the TV or on his computer (I don’t let the kids have computers, and they’re too young anyway), but we don’t feel like a family. I feel like I do everything and no one helps, and then everybody spends time in their own rooms. My kids (they’re in grades 2 & 4 & 7) don’t even like to play together. How do you change things so you feel like a family unit?

What do you think? How can she encourage the shift her family from separate into a unit?

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