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Many of us have long weekends this weekend, and so I thought I would just leave you with a thought, and a round-up of other posts that speak to that thought.

One of the biggest things that we can learn in marriage is that we can’t change someone else; we can only ever change ourselves, and how we react to things. And as we start to realize that–that our job is to focus on ourselves–it becomes easier to give our husbands over to God.

What our husbands really need is to become the men that God wants them to be, not that man that we want them to be. After all, we don’t know what is coming down the line. We don’t know what God has to prepare him for. And quite often our impulse about what we want from our husbands isn’t always 100% correct either, because we ourselves have unrealistic expectations, and can’t see with God’s eyes.

So today, let’s focus on praying that God will help your husband to listen to Him, to learn form Him, to be transformed to look like Jesus (Romans 8:29).

And here are some posts that speak to that in specific ways:

Posts on this General Theme:

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Posts on Specific Areas of Conflict:

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Books That Can Help:

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Have a wonderful long weekend, for those who get one! And for everyone else, have a great Monday!

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