Hi everyone!

Sorry I’ve been so quiet in the comments for the last week! I’m just back from Mexico, where I’ve been for a week with my 18-year-old daughter, celebrating her birthday. I wrote about her trip last week in my column, and about how it feels to have an adult daughter!

We had a lovely time. I think I read about 10 books (I totally love my Kindle!). It was heavenly. And it reconfirmed in me that I do want to write novels. I have three in my head that I just must get down on paper sometime soon.

Becca read a ton, too:

Becca Beach - My Daughter's 18th Birthday Trip

And we went snorkeling!

Snorkeling - My Daughter's 18th Birthday Trip

A few thoughts:

It’s strange being the one passed over, because people are noticing your daughter. It’s not a bad strange, it’s just different. She is lovely, and I think she had three marriage proposals (as well as other proposals that were not nearly as honorable), but she handled it well.

All moms need to be careful of that moment–the moment they realize that their daughters are prettier than they are. I think it’s easy to become jealous, or to try to start living through our daughters at that minute. It’s much better to just be proud and steer her well and be content with where you are in life.

Another thought:

Rebecca handles herself well. When we had problems at the hotel she was often the one who dealt with it. She organized the luggage, and the passports, and checking in. We’ve traveled a lot as a family–on missions trips, to see friends, to speak. And she really watched and listened. And now she is perfectly capable of doing it all herself. It made me proud.

I came home to 200 emails, and it’s a little overwhelming. That’s the one part that’s hard about leaving–you know you’re coming home to more work. I’m trying to wade through them now, but it may take me some time. If you’ve written me, please give me some grace!

It’s good to be home, though, even though a winter storm is heading our way.

And I did have a wonderful time with my daughter.