Today I’m got a special treat for you! I know so many of you have little ones at home, and I’ve got a chance for you to win $60 towards redoing your child’s room in these gorgeous designs.

Evgie and Ev from Evgie.com are real gals with passion and expertise in digital illustration, interior decoration and wall decals design. And they’ve created a whole collection of wall decals that you can put on your walls–and easily remove again–without messing up the paint. No more painting murals that you’re stuck with forever. Now you can decorate your child’s room as they like it, just for today.

Today they are giving away a $60 coupon to one of YOU!  Here’s what you need to do:

1) Go to Evgie.com and find your favorite products.  (Like Outer Space Wall decals, for instance)

2) Share them on facebook, twitter and/or pinterest.

3) THEN, come back and leave a comment, saying which product you liked!

That’s all!


20% Off in February for all packages (even overseas) Free shipping if it is over $150. Every package has freebies.


Monkeys, Zebras, Lions, Oh, my!

A few words About Evgie & Ev:

They write:

“Each of us liked drawing very much since childhood, so much so that it became our profession. With vinyl wall decals being the latest trend in home decor it was the perfect field to dive into. The warm response to our illustrations and design work eventually allowed us to set up a wall decal studio. Our constant personal engagement with the home and interior décor field led us to this venture.

Decals are easy to apply, easy to remove, easy to tailor to a specific wall or surface – we offer handmade large and small vinyl wall stickers with our designs and ideas for kids’ and grown-up’s rooms.


Elephants and Monkeys!

We start with an idea, a pencil and blank paper and then render our designs digitally for vinyl cutting. We view walls as backgrounds for living. We have started this decal studio in 2010 and pretty soon it became our full time job and engagement. It is a pleasure to get your feedback and one of the most enjoyable things is to see our decals on your wall or that of your toddler, in your nursery or living room. We also know that it is really fun to put our wall decals design on the wall, even if it take some time and a very little skill, this itself makes this product so attractive. If you decide to go with the whole wall decals theme you won’t regret it. It changes your walls, your space and places your little one in a world surrounded by a jungle or safari, forest or just friendly animals.”


Outer Space

And they don’t just have nursery wall decals. They have lots more–including wall decals for grown ups! (I think this one is stunning). Head on over, look around, tweet or pin one that you like, and then come back here and tell us about it! And one person will win $60 towards their order. I’ll do the draw Saturday, February 23 at 11:59 p.m. (or thereabouts 🙂 ). One comment will win.

Remember, it’s 20% off in the month of February. So check it out, pin or Facebook the one you like, and come back here and tell me what you did (and what one you liked!).  Happy hunting!

UPDATE: Remember to tell me where you shared it for your chance to win!