Hello, everybody! Are you enjoying the Oscars (those of you who are watching)? I normally don’t care, but I really wanted Anne Hathaway to win for Les Miserables. I have never seen a performance like that, so I am glad that she took home the award!

I have a few quick things to share this Sunday night:

1. Congratulations to Raquel S. who won the $60 giveaway in the Evgie.com wall decal contest! I asked for people to mention the wall decal they liked the best and to share it on Facebook or Pinterest, and then I counted the comments and chose a random numbered one using random.org. Raquel won (and I’ve already emailed her about it). Here’s the one she liked:

Shelving Tree Wall Decal

Evgie has so many other wall decals–it makes decorating your house so much easier. They’re made of vinyl, and can easily attach on, but then can come back off again, too. What a great way to dress up your walls and turn your child’s room into a fantasy playland (or your living room into a sophisticated oasis). Check them out!

2. I’ve also made some changes around the blog in the last week. I’ve hired an assistant now to help me keep up with things on the blog, and another to help me with booking my speaking tours. I’m finding I can’t keep up with everything and it’s getting hard to find time to squeeze in homeschooling, so I’ve  needed to unload some things off of my plate. But that means that I have to find a way to pay for it, so I’ve added some ads in the sidebars just to try to make enough to go towards paying them.

The Google ads appear automatically, and after some kinks where some ads I DIDN’T want to get through were allowed in (sorry about that), I think I’ve sorted that out so that only clean/good ads get through (nothing racy was let through, just some weird religious ones and some weird video games ones. Oops! And sorry).

I’ve also put some ads up of companies that I’ve researched and liked–including several trendy modest clothing companies.

And if any of you are looking for awesome kids’ clothes, starting today, through Wednesday, February 27th, Tea Collection is offering you the chance to buy 3 separates and get the 4th free on select styles with promo code 4FUN. Just look for the 3+1 icon for participating styles. Stock up on comfortable and durable pants for boys. Mix and match adorable girls’ tops and bottoms for endless outfit combinations.

I’m absolutely always going to blog for free, but one way that you can support the bloggers you like (not just me, but any blogs you read), is by buying the things you already need or want by clicking through on someone’s link, so that the sale is attributed to them. Thank you!

3. Let’s talk comments! There’s quite a debate going on in the comments on yesterday’s Reader Question of the Week: Help! My Husband Isn’t Affectionate. I’m going to weigh in on this tomorrow because I think it’s a really important debate. So stay tuned! And if you haven’t already, read the question and you can chime in, too!

Okay, I think that’s it! I’m going to head to bed now, because my 18-year-old daughter is starting her two and a half month contract full-time job tomorrow morning, and I want to get up early to help her get all ready to go. She’s a little nervous.

‘night everyone!