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Thank you so much for everyone who participates in Wifey Wednesday! You make the community here so much more valuable.

I’m just swamped today, because I’m preparing five talks that I’m delivering at the Break Forth conference in Edmonton this weekend. I thought today, then, that rather than write my own post I’d post some links to great posts I’ve found through Wifey Wednesday over the last few weeks. But this isn’t a definitive list; there are lots of others, and I encourage you to read the posts that are linked up. So much wisdom there!

I’d like periodically to do a “shout out” to other marriage bloggers, because I’d love for you to get to know more of them. So I’ll likely do this periodically, and hopefully some of these other bloggers can get new readers, too.

First, a sad one. Confessions of a Fraidy Cat is written by a woman who reads and comments at this blog quite a bit. She recently left an abusive marriage, and is working through the ramifications of that. I thought this was a lovely post of the emotional turmoil you go through and how you cling to God in that: Dancing on Broken Glass.

You all know that I’m a big marriage advocate, and I don’t like divorce. But I also know that some women are in situations that are untenable, and God wants them out. I think those situations are far fewer in number than the number of Christians who divorce, but they are real, and I’m glad she got help.

Ngina Otiende is another frequent reader and commenter, and a valuable contributor here! She has a lovely marriage blog with tons of awesome marriage posts, and I found this one that I thought was excellent: 10 Things Your Spouse Needs To Hear You Say. Absolutely!

Elizabeth at Warrior Wives is a frequent contributor and a frequent commenter, and she writes a very insightful blog. Her post last week was wonderful: is your hope in Christ, or is your hope in what you want Christ to do for you? A great reminder as we pray over our marriages.

Over at A Word to the Wives Mrs. Older has a bee in her bonnet: why do so many families fall apart? She goes on a great rant there.

Finally, my friend Danielle writes the blog Fancy Little Things, and she’s got a giveaway going on right now for a copy of The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex. Head on over and enter!

Now I thought I’d leave you with a graphic that I put up on my Facebook Page recently.

Spoil your Spouse

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