Flickr 2327243497 - Top Posts for October--And a Giveaway!

Every month I try to post the top posts from the month before, because I know you all may miss some posts, and, of course, I have lots of new readers!

This was a strange month on the blog because I had a mini-meltdown and threatened to quit. I was absolutely overwhelmed with your lovely comments and encouragement, and it totally changed my whole mindset and made me rethink my purpose. A very difficult thing to go through, but it’s often in the wrestling that we really grow. So thank you!

Now, often my top posts are older ones that get “pinned” a lot. So I’ll do the top 5 posts by traffic last month, and the top 5 posts that were actually written in October. Make sure you didn’t miss any of these good ones!

First, the new ones:

Top 5 Posts Written in October

1. Bloggers are People, Too. Perhaps not surprisingly, my mini-meltdown got top billing!
2. 7 Ways Hollywood Messes up our Sex Lives. I liked this post! I’m glad you all did, too.
3. Revive Your Marriage: Revive Your Sex Life. The last post in our revive your marriage series got the most hits!
4. Do Not Deprive Each Other series: What Does Regular Sex Mean? The second post of my three-part “do not deprive” series on 1 Corinthians 7:5 was the most popular. Interesting, because I liked the third one better.
5. On Piercings, Tongue Rings, and More. The post that caused all the controversy (and inadvertently caused my mini-meltdown).

Now, the older top 5:

Top 5 Posts from October Overall

1. 16 Ways to Flirt with Your Husband. I do love this post, and apparently other people do, too!
2. The 50 Most Important Bible Verses to Memorize. If you’ve always wanted to memorize Scripture, here’s a great place to start. According to what I see on Pinterest, people are even using this list as a jump-start to print out verses and hang on their walls. Awesome idea!
3. 7 Ways to Raise a Teen Who Won’t Date Too Young. This one was pinned a ton on Pinterest this month, and so received new interest.
4. 29 Days to Great Sex: The Act of Marriage. It’s Day One of the 29 Days to Great Sex! If you haven’t worked through it with your husband, why not start now? And great news for those of you who already worked through 29 Days to Great Sex: I’m launching an ebook version of it at the end of October, with more challenges, and more for HIM, too!
5. 14 Ways to Play as a Couple. Lots of fun ideas here to add laughter into your marriage!

This was the first month when a new post made the top 5, so that was kind of interesting.

Now, a couple more cool things.

Living the Sweet Life is hosting a giveaway of my book The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex. Head on over to win! The giveaway ends tonight.

And here’s my top video of the month, for those who haven’t seen it. Please share on Facebook or Pin it, too!

Now tell me in the comments, what did you like this month? Or even more importantly, what else would you like me to write about? I’m always open to suggestions!