In war, just like in elections, one side loses, and the other side wins. You don’t get a draw.

This election season was filled with gender wars, which is pretty typical of what happens in our culture as a whole. Women love beating up on men; we say that they’re inferior, that we’re superior. We change Winnie the Pooh so that future editions will have Christopher Robin as a girl. We change the school system so it’s more about cooperation and teamwork–where girls thrive–and less about competition–where boys tend to thrive. And then we wonder why boys tune out.

And in this great article on Redbook, Aaron Traister watches TV sitcoms so  you don’t have to and explains the ridiculous portrayal of TV dads. They’re pathetic. They’re unmanly. They’re incompetent.

Why do they portray them like that? It must be because women like it. If women didn’t watch it, they’d stop. Ratings are what matter in TV, after all.

But let’s think about this for a moment. Do you want to live in a world where boys don’t succeed in school? Do you want to live in a world where boys watch TV and realize that being a dad means you’re a wuss?

When we make men out to be inferior, we all lose.

I have two daughters. I want them to marry men who can support them, and men who want to be strong dads. Our society is working hard to make sure that this doesn’t happen, because our society wants girls to succeed.

I’m not saying it doesn’t go the other way, too. Do we really want to live in a world where girls are simply sex objects? Do we want to live in a world where everything is sexualized–even politics? Men lose out there, too. How do they find a wonderful woman to raise their kids if women are only sex obsessed?

The gender wars are stupid.

They assume that because I’m a woman, I’ll support my team. But my team is not made up of just women; my team is made up of the women I love and the men I love and the men I hope in the future to love (when my daughters find them!). It doesn’t do me any good to push men down.

I’m sick of these gender wars.

Women are not superior to men, and men are not superior to women.

We are different, yes. We tend to like different things. We tend to communicate differently. We tend to want slightly different things out of relationships. But the beauty is that it all fits together perfectly. So let’s work at fitting together, not in pushing down. That’s healthier for everybody–even TV dads.

So I’m taking this pledge:

I will not fight the gender wars. When I hear other women badmouthing men, I won’t participate in the conversation. I will steer it elsewhere. I will say nice things about my husband.

Will you pledge with me?

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