Flickr 3006348550 - Reader Question of the Week: Brother's KeeperEvery weekend I like to post a question someone sends in and let you readers have a go at it. This week a reader shares about an extended-family entanglement.

My husband & his younger brother used to own a business together, however when one of their clients declared bankruptcy, the younger brother left the business, leaving my husband with a $50,000 debt.

The younger brother then realized going out on his own with no tools or equipment wasn’t going to work, so he came back to work as an employee of my husband.

The brother is bad at managing his money & regularly asks for advances on his pay (which he rarely pays back) and my husband has given him several pay increases to help him cover the cost of living when he & his wife expanded their family.  As a result, the brother earns $275 per day, and he claims this isn’t enough!  I only earn $300 per week in my job.

Anyway, there are many examples of my husband giving his brother money, his brother taking money when we haven’t given him permission to do so, and their mother always saying that we should keep the brother employed.

It has gotten to the stage where the brother is earning more than we are from our own business, yet he supplies no equipment & doesn’t even have a car.

I have tried several times to talk to my husband about it, I have prayed on it, yet the situation is getting worse & I am now starting to resent my husband, which is awful because I know he is only doing this because he cares about his brother.

We have a young child of our own, and we rent – we will not be able to buy any time soon because of the financial situation we are now in.

How can I get my husband to see that his brother needs to stand in his own 2 feet, and that he now needs to look after the interests of his own wife and kids?

What advice would you give in this sticky situation?

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