Hi everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

23943_297282930382243_1629913239_nMy husband and I went out birding, our new geeky hobby. Yesterday we saw a snowy owl, a barred owl, a tundra swan, and a brown creeper, which were all new species to us. If you’re not into birding, no worries. But I just love the chance to get outdoors and walk with my hubby! We made our kids come along to see the snowy owl, and we brought a 10-year-old boy who’s a friend of the family, so it was a fun family day.

And now I’m back and getting ready for the PARTY that’s going to be happening this week, and I want to tell you all about it.

As most of you know, last week I published my new ebook The 31 Days to Great Sex, a fun challenge that you can work through with your husband to help you grow your communication, your intimacy, and your fireworks! It focuses on how to build emotional, spiritual, and physical intimacy in the bedroom, and gives you a chance to talk about some of these important issues.

I was quite overwhelmed by the response to it; thank you so much! I actually got up to #2 in the marriage category on Amazon this weekend.

And so I’d like to offer you some other ways to interact.

Facebook Party, 9 pm EST Monday night

Tonight at 9 pm EST I’ll be over on my Facebook Page hosting a big party! And how does a party work on Facebook? Well, it’s going to happen in the “Forum” section, which I’ve added right here:

Facebook Forum

You just click that Forum page, and there will be a number of different discussions going on at the same time (and I’ll try to monitor all of them. Whew!). Some will have video introductions from me, and some will just be questions.

And what will the forum topics be? That’s where you come in! Just leave a comment (anonymously if you want) in this post and tell me what you want to ask, and I’ll try to get as many of them up there as I can. Have questions you’ve been dying to ask me? Here’s your chance!

If you all come by at 9:00 pm EST, then we can chat and discuss things in real time! So come on by at 9 pm EST. You’ll have to join the Facebook Page to comment, but it’s easy after that.

Twitter Party, 10 pm EST Tuesday night

Then tomorrow night, for those of you who are on Twitter, I’ll be hosting a Twitter party at 10 pm EST, with the hashtag #31DaysFun. What does a hashtag mean? If you use something like Tweetdeck for Twitter, you can create a column based on the search term #31DaysFun, and then everyone’s posts will show up there in real time! I’ve done these before and they’re a lot of fun. So if you’re on Twitter, come join me!

You can also follow it in real time through TweetChat, which is specifically designed to let you follow certain Twitter memes.

Pin it To Win It, all week

Finally, I know how many of you love Pinterest (as do I!). Here’s a fun little thing where you can “Pin it to Win It”!

Simply go to this post:

31 Days to Great Sex is here

And hit the Pin it button at the bottom.

31DaysCoverChoose the book cover image. Then pin it to one of your boards with your own comments, something like “Change your marriage for only $5!”, or “31 Days to Great Sex is awesome!”, or whatever you’d like.

I can then go in and see everyone who has pinned that page. And on Friday at 11 pm EST I’ll count how many pinners have pinned, and then I’ll pick a random number from random.org and I’ll choose 3 winners to win a .pdf copy of the 31 Days to Great Sex! And if you’ve already purchased a copy, then you’ll instead get a copy of my Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex. Already have both of those? I’ll give you an Amazon gift card for $20!

And if you’ve already pinned it (as quite a few of you have), you’re already entered!

So go Pin it to Win it! It takes about 30 seconds.

I hope some of those work for you! And if you’re more a blog person, I’ll be guest posting on a ton of different blogs all week. So keep stopping by for an update as to where you should go to read more, and for your chance to win!

And don’t forget–you can get your own copy of The 31 Days to Great Sex, and get your own marriage moving in the right direction, right here. It only costs $5 for a profound impact on your marriage!


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