Hi everyone! Are you feeling the Christmas spirit yet? I sure am! I’ve never been much of a Christmas person, because I don’t like the hassle and trying to figure out gifts for everyone. But this year I’ve decided I’m a big bah humbug and it’s going to stop! So everyday in December I’m doing something new that’s Christmas-y, whether it’s baking or knitting a present or shopping or decorating.

And today I want to tell my Canadian readers about a really practical site I just found that helps us earn money when we spend at major retailers.

Not Canadian? I don’t want you to feel left out, so skip to the bottom for a special offer for my American (or British, or Australian, or European) readers!

What is Card Swap?

It’s an online “store” where you can purchase (and redeem for cash!) gift cards for almost any large Canadian retailer or restaurant. Basically, anything you can buy a gift card for, Card Swap sells.

CardSwap1 1024x625 - Card Swap Giveaway: A Neat Way of Earning Points while You Spend

CardSwap2 - Card Swap Giveaway: A Neat Way of Earning Points while You Spend


So far, that’s no big deal. I can buy gift cards at the checkout counter at my grocery store, after all.

But here’s what’s neat: when you buy the gift card from Card Swap, you get between 5-10% back in Card Swap “rewards”, which sit in your account until you decide to purchase a new gift card with them. So it’s like getting 5-10% off of everything you buy! Now, just as an example, we shop at Shopper’s Drug Mart a lot. We only ever shop on the 20x the points events, and then we only ever redeem our points on our double the reward points days. I did the math once and I figured that we saved about 32% doing it this way. But if I start buying Shoppers Drug Mart cards through Card Swap, I’m going to increase that to 37%–or 42% if I buy the cards when there’s a special promotion on offering you 10% back.

So that’s 42% off of all my shampoo and all my makeup and all my toilet paper and all my “feminine” products (hey, I have two teenage girls!). That’s cool.

To give another example: we tend to use our credit cards when we’re shopping because we get about 2% back towards travel points. We pay off our balance every month, so we never pay interest, but we do collect the points.

But I can use my credit card to purchase cards, and so I still get the 2% back, plus I get the 5%-10% back. And that gives me up to 12% off of practically everything. Cool.

Sell Cards

But here’s something else that’s neat. Last year, for Christmas, my youngest daughter got a Kindle. I know we’re Canadian and we’re supposed to buy a Kobo from Chapters, but I do so much business through Amazon (they published my 31 Days to Great Sex!), and I make affiliate fees off of them, I just thought it’s easier to keep everything with Amazon. She loves her Kindle.

But she also received about $110 in gift cards from Chapters. And you can’t read ebooks bought from Chapters on a Kindle. So her gift cards have been sitting there for a year.

CardSwap3 1024x556 - Card Swap Giveaway: A Neat Way of Earning Points while You Spend

You can trade in your gift cards, though, and Card Swap will either give you cash or will give you points towards other gift cards. So for Katie we have $110 in gift cards. Card Swap is offering her $88.00, or $93.50 in gift cards. I’m going to take the gift card to Shoppers Drug Mart and give her the cash (I’m very entrepreneurial that way. Besides, she owes me money).

Sounds like a great deal. I’ll likely be doing most of my shopping this way from now on.

Today Card Swap is offering a $50 credit towards any gift card you want. All you have to do is enter through the Rafflecopter below. Rafflecopter is a unique way to enter blog giveaways, because you can get extra “entries” for completing certain tasks. So if you “like” Swap Cards on Facebook, you’ll get five extra entries!

I’m going to draw the card on Monday night at midnight, and I’ll announce it next Tuesday. These gift cards are only good in Canada!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now, for all of you non-Canadians: I’d like to giveaway two copies of 31 Days to Great Sex! So leave a comment to win, with your recommendation of how to save the most on gift cards wherever you live. I’ll draw for those two on Monday at midnight, too! And if you have already purchased the 31 Days, no worries. I’ll mail you a copy of The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex instead!

So to recap: Rafflecopter=Canadian $50 gift card, comments = everybody else, win 31 Days to Great Sex. Hope that’s crystal clear!

This was a sponsored post. From time to time I accept sponsored posts that fit with my readership to help offset the costs of running this blog.