I’ve been working to get it ready before Christmas, and it really looks like I’ll have it out this week–probably Thursday.

It’s the 31 Days to Great Sex!

After so many of you participated in my 29 Days to Great Sex last winter, and asked for a book form of it, I thought I really should put one together. But it took longer than I thought because I didn’t realize what a major rewrite it would be. I decided to make it for couples, not just for women, so I had to change quite a bit. And then I took out four days that were really only relevant for the blog, added a few more to make it 31, and then condensed others. So it’s quite different (and a lot better, I think!).

It will be available as an ebook, either in a .pdf file which you can download and read on any book reader or on your computer, or for the Kindle (and eventually for the other readers, too).

Today I have to make the final decision on the cover, so I’m hoping you all will help me. What do you think?

If you start clockwise at the top left, and go around, which one do you like best? For instance, top left is 1, bottom left is 4. Vote in the poll, and then leave a comment saying that you voted, and then I’ll pick two random people and they’ll win a copy! Oh, and if you’re wondering, the difference between 1 &2 and 3&4 is really the fonts.

Want to make sure you don’t miss the launch or any offers with it? Just sign up here. But I’ll be writing about it a ton on this blog, too.


In the meantime, there’s been some great discussion around here lately. On this blog we’ve been talking about grandparents who don’t honour your authority with your kids. Chime in here. And over on Facebook we’ve been asking two questions: do you explode when you’re angry, or do you give the silent treatment? And what do you think about early marriages? Check those out, too!

I really appreciate all of our discussions, and the feedback on the cover from you all. Have a wonderful Monday!

UPDATE: I picked three winners using random.org! Congratulations to Mike, Kristi, and Rachel, who have all been contacted already.

And the book is now live! Yay! You can see it here.

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