I just wanted to thank you all so much for the encouragement after my post on Friday (Bloggers are People, Too). I’ve been overwhelmed by the comments and emails.

God has spoken to me a lot this weekend, and I’m going to write a post sharing what He’s said tomorrow. In a nutshell, I think a lot of the angst I’ve been feeling has not just been caused by negative comments; it’s more a question of purpose and not knowing what I’m aiming for. I straightened that out with God last night.

So I have been convicted–just not about being judgmental! 🙂

You have all blessed me so much. You have no idea. I want to take tomorrow and reread all the comments slowly and reread all the emails and soak them in.

I will continue to blog, but I think I may actually do it better this time, because I feel as if a big burden has been lifted off of me (the desire for approval) and I’m finally free.

More later. But for tonight, thank you.