Marriage Stuff:

J from Hot, Holy & Humorous asks, “Is Sex Work?” I like her answer.

Rivera Douthit has a great post on Random Things I Learned About Marriage the Hard Way. I liked these!

Gina from Mom-Blog has a new review up of The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex. “All I can say is, Wow!” Thanks, Gina.

Julie Sibert from Intimacy in Marriage is asking, Should Married Christians Be Better Advocates for Sex? She makes very good points: we don’t talk about it enough, so when couples are struggling they don’t know there’s hope. We easily share wisdom about parenting and finances, and maybe we need to open up a little more about this, too.

 Miscellaneous Stuff:

Take a look at these pictures from Afghanistan from the 50s and 60s. It looks positively advanced! The women were dressed pretty much the same as they were here. And then it fell back into the stone age. Rather depressing. Let’s never remember that progress is not always one way; people can always go backwards.

Can you vote for me one last time in the Top 25 Canadian Mom Blogs contest? (You don’t have to be Canadian to vote!). Just look for To Love, Honor and Vacuum. You can vote everyday!

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