GoodGirls - The Good Girl's Guide to Great Sex Encouraging Review!

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I know so many of you are here because of the great Revive Your Marriage series that I’ve been doing with three bloggy friends this month! Welcome!

But because you’re new, you may not know about The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex, a book that I’ve recently written with Zondervan. Rather than try to explain what it’s about, I received this really encouraging email lately, and I thought I’d share it with you:

Just wanted to thank so much for writing The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex. I think the Lord knew I needed to read that book. I’m not even sure how I came across it. Maybe from a guest blog post you did somewhere?? Anyway, I decided to take it out of our library, and I am SO glad I did.

I was a young, Christian virgin (my husband a virgin, too!) when I got married. I have struggled with the sex part of marriage for pretty much the entire time we’ve been married. I would say it’s been the biggest lingering issue in our marriage. I’ve read a few Christian sex books before but I just didn’t “get it” until now. Your book addressed the problems I needed to have addressed. The disassociation, for just one example, was something I needed addressed. I have also had issues relaxing which has caused me some pain in the past. Before, we would have an argument about sex every once in awhile, and then I would think I was doing better by just increasing my frequency and initiating (half-heartedly) a few times…yet I wasn’t ever a participant. Then we’d argue again a few months later, and I’d be like, “But we have been doing it more!” Duh! My husband needs my enthusiasm! Sex was created for ME too! :-D. I also struggled big time with fantasizing during sex in order to help myself get heated up. I always knew it was wrong and would continually confess and pray about my sin and know I’m forgiven, but your book’s solution about turning my thoughts to what I would like my husband to do next has really helped me in a practical way. I can honestly say that since I read your book for the past month or so, I have not fantasized ONCE. My attention and thoughts have been completely and only on my husband. Praise the LORD! I now understand just how important sex is to marriage. My husband is LOVING this! And guess what….I am TOO!

Your book has helped me gain a more biblical perspective about sex and that it’s not just physical (which my head knew already) but that it’s OKAY to embrace the physical…even if I’m still a bit nervous and shy after a few years of marriage. This morning, I told my husband (cause I know he is wondering what has gotten into me!), “I read a book. It’s totally changed my perspective on sex. For the better.” No complaints from him..just a big smile!

Anyway, all this to say…Thank you! I wish it hadn’t taken me so many years to figure this out, but like I told my husband this morning after I apologized to him….Better late than never!

Love, J
…a happy, young, thankful mom and wife to one amazing hunk-of-a-man husband.

You can get your own copy, and read more reviews, right here!