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I so appreciate all my faithful readers! Thanks for coming back, and for all the encouraging emails you send! But I’d also like to welcome my new readers, and point out some posts that you may not have seen yet. July was my biggest month ever, with over 300,000 unique visitors. That’s awesome! So if you’re relatively new, take a look and see if you’ve read these posts. And if you’re a regular, you won’t want to miss these!

Now, often my top posts are older ones that get “pinned” a lot. So I’ll do the top 5 posts by traffic last month, regardless of when they were written, and then the top 5 posts that were actually written in June. Make sure you didn’t miss any of these good ones!

Top 5 Posts from July

1. The 50 Most Important Bible Verses to Memorize. If you’ve always wanted to memorize Scripture, here’s a great place to start. Plan to launch into it in September with your family.
2. 16 Ways to Flirt with Your Husband. I do love this post, and apparently other people do, too!
3. 29 Days to Great Sex: The Act of Marriage. It’s Day One of the 29 Days to Great Sex! If you haven’t worked through it with your husband, why not start now?
4. Magic Mike, Marriage, and Women’s Libido. I tell you what I think of the movie. Hint: don’t see it. This one’s actually a recent post!
5. How to Have an Orgasm. Okay, this one isn’t pinned (people don’t like to share it), but it’s still really popular!

Top 5 Posts Written in July

The first one was Magic Mike, but that’s in the list above. Here are the next five:

1. Men: Here’s What I Wish I Could Say to You About Sex. I go on a rant!
2. Dear Young Christian Guys: Love Her Like a Man. Wow, another post addressed at men made it into the top 5. Maybe I should write more!
3. Top Ten Things Hardest Things to Share After Saying I Do. An awesome guest post from my friend Rajdeep!
4. Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise and What Their Divorce Tells Us. My post about how difficult it is to be married to someone who doesn’t share your beliefs.
5. Fifty Shades of Grey Replaces the Bible. Wow. A hotel pulled the Gideon Bible and put in 50 Shades of Grey instead!

There you go! My top 10 posts from last month. Do me a favour? If you particularly like any of these, share one on Facebook or Pinterest for me? Thanks!