Flickr 2327243497 - Top Ten Posts for June

I haven’t done a Top Ten post in ages, and I liked those! So I thought I’d write the top 10 posts for last month. But I’m going to mix it up a little, because the top posts on my blog tend consistently to be certain older ones that get “pinned” a lot. So I’ll do the top 5 posts by traffic last month, regardless of when they were written, and then the top 5 posts that were actually written in June. Make sure you didn’t miss any of these good ones!

Top 5 Posts from Last Month

1. 16 Ways to Flirt with Your Husband. My most popular post, hands down!
2. The 50 Most Important Bible Verses to Memorize. I love this list! It would be a great one to work on as a family this summer.
3. 29 Days to Great Sex: The Act of Marriage. It’s Day One of the 29 Days to Great Sex! If you haven’t worked through it with your husband, why not start now?
4. 14 Ways to Play as a Couple. Another fun one that gets pinned a lot!
5. How to Have an Orgasm. Okay, this one isn’t pinned (people don’t like to share it), but it’s still really popular!

Top 5 Posts Written in June

1. 50 Shades of Grey is Bad for Your Marriage. Yes, it is.
2. How to Spice Things Up Without 50 Shades of Grey
3. A Summer Dress Code (I have to admit I liked this one! I thought it was funny).
4. That One Perfect Person (don’t believe the fairytale!)
5. The 21-Day Marriage Challenge: Pick a Habit. Did you do this? I think it’s a great idea, that can be life changing!

There you go! My top 10 posts from last month. Do me a favour? If you particularly like any of these, share one on Facebook or Pinterest for me? Thanks!