I’ve read some great stuff around the web lately, and I thought I’d do a round-up for you today!

50 Shades of Grey

First, the marriage blogosphere is all abuzz with 50 Shades of Grey posts! I pointed to some in my original post about how 50 Shades of Grey is bad for marriage, but here are some others that are worth reading:

Kathryn Casey asks at Forbes magazine (a secular site), Is 50 Shades of Grey Dangerous? Great to see people talking about this even from outside a Christian perspective.

Anthropology and Love gets to the heart of the matter–images never leave your brain. And here’s her follow-up, where she throws in Magic Mike for good measure! Great explanation of how God’s design that women FEEL so deeply can impact us when we expose ourselves to media like this.

Thoughts on Porn

My posts on porn keep getting new–and often heart-wrenching–comments. When I saw this older post at Intimacy for Marriage, I thought many of you would appreciate it:
My Love Letter to Pornographers (read on to the end!)

J at Hot, Holy and Humorous chimes in with Why the Church Needs to Talk More about Sex. She’s absolutely right! And we need to talk about why porn is a temptation for so many.

School’s Out!

And it’s a good thing. Some rotten stories about schools have hit the news lately. Here are just a few:

The mother of two albino children is livid that the teacher refused to let her kids put on sunscreen (that the mom sent) during a school field trip. The children later had to be hospitalized. The reason? No doctor’s note.

A teenager having an asthma attack is denied his inhaler by the school nurse because she couldn’t locate the paperwork. She didn’t call 911, either. She just stood there, with the inhaler, while the boy passed out in front of her.

The father of an autistic boy puts a digital recorder in his son’s backpack to record what is happening at school–and picks up horrendous abuse by teacher and teacher’s aide.

I know only the bad stuff hits the news, but these kind of stories make me mourn common sense and decency.

Parenting Stuff

At the risk of opening old wounds, here’s an article on 8 steps to help your baby sleep through the night. I agree with most, though I didn’t feed my baby to a time schedule. I simply made sure they ate a ton at each feeding, so that they would go longer between feedings. No snacking! And I did have a baby who would go to sleep late and get up early–and if I switched the bedtime earlier, she wouldn’t sleep later. Other than that, though, I agree with most of these tips! And getting your baby to sleep is so important to your marriage.

Oldies But Goodies

Every now and then I head over to Pinterest to see which posts from this blog people have pinned. It’s always interesting to see what ones people like! And I was reminded recently of some older posts that I actually really like. Here are some you may have missed that are worth checking out:

Maybe Balance isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be. Are we aiming for the wrong thing?

Accepting Yourself As You Are. No, you may not have met all  your goals. But it’s likely because you’ve made new ones!

Some great things you can catch up on! Have any links you want to share with us? Just leave them in the comments!