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Do Christians talk too much in euphemisms?

A while ago I published links to a few reviews from readers of The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex, but I recently read a wonderful one from Warrior Wives which raised a great point. She writes:

Sheila Gregoire has taken the same topic and written a great book that covers a wide range of women in a wide range of circumstances.  If you are preparing for marriage – virgin or non-virgin – this book is for you.  If you are a newlywed wife, this book is for you.  And if you’ve been married for a while and sex has gotten ordinary and mundane, this book is also for you.

One thing that bothers me about how Christian women frequently discuss sex is that they tend to talk in euphemisms.  I remember Dave and I attending one marriage conference where the men and women were split up for the “sex session”.  At the beginning of the session, the female speaker declared that we were going to be open! honest! direct! no beating around the bush about sex!  And then for the rest of the session, she proceeded to refer to sex as “special physical time with your husband”.  I get that we live in an over-sexualized society and that we should be discreet, however, there is a point at which total and direct honesty about it is necessary and helpful.  I’m not gonna lie, this book is very straightforward.  After challenging the unbiblical mindsets that many women have towards sex, Sheila presents the godly ways in which we should approach sex.  And then she moves on to the nuts and bolts.  Whoa. I do think my eyebrows went up a few times as I thought, Wow, we’re going “there”!!   It would have answered every single question I had before I got married.  Every single one.  What exactly happens during sex?  Does it hurt? What positions do people use?  What does it feel like?  What happens afterwards?  What are the options for birth control?  Why does he want sex all the time?

But read the whole thing! It’s great! She also says,

When I first started reading this book, I thought I was just reading it so that I could review it on this blog.  I kind of skimmed the first part of it which was directed more to engaged women/newlyweds thinking that I wouldn’t gain anything from it.  I was so wrong.  I needed to read this book.

If that’s you–you’ve been wondering about getting the book, but you haven’t yet–you can get your copy of The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex right here! And hey, in a way, it makes a great Father’s Day gift. I’m sure he’ll be glad you bought it!

But let me ask: Do you think we talk too much in euphemisms in the church? And how do we get beyond that? Especially when talking to our own kids. Let’s talk about it in the comments!