Flickr 6976098484 - Great Undiscovered Marriage Blogs

The internet is so amazing for uncovering great writers and thinkers! Not all of those with the gift of discernment or teaching are in our pulpits; many are at our keyboards.

And I want to draw attention to just a few, who are also regular readers and often commenters.

First, a really new blogger, Gerad, from Mission:Husband, has some great posts up. I especially liked this one about what porn does to the male brain. He’s so honest, but he also goes into the psychology of it and makes it really easy to understand. Do subscribe to him! I often get asked if there are any good male bloggers for Christian husbands, and he’s a good one.

Here’s another: Frequent commenter J from Hot, Holy and Humorous writes great stuff about marriage. I really appreciated her take on The Gospel in the Bedroom, but she has many other awesome posts, too!

And my dear friend Carla Anne Coroy, who is also the published author of Married Mom: Solo Parent, a book for those who are married to men who are often away on business. She has a great post on “I’m Afraid My Husband’s Being Unfaithful” for those whose husbands are often gone, but recently Carla wrote a post that got her a LOT of attention–some rather unwanted. She asked “Is It Okay for Christians to Wear Bikinis?“. And she’s reviewed my book, too!

Carla’s also hosting a giveaway of The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex, so head on over and enter to win!

Brad and Kate Aldrich have a great blog at One Flesh Marriage, and they’ve been talking about some very practical stuff when it comes to sex lately. But I liked Brad’s take on how marriage changes after a baby comes here. And the comments are great!

There are so many other great marriage blogs, and I hope to highlight many more in the future. But remember that if you’re a blogger, you can leave a link to your latest blog post here whenever you comment, automatically. I know a lot of bloggers have been “discovered” just by commenting on other, bigger blogs. So don’t hesitate to leave a comment, and maybe you’ll start to see an uptick in traffic!

So today, for all my readers, I hope you enjoy a wonderful Monday! For my American readers, have a relaxing and meaningful Memorial Day. My birthday was on Friday, and since then I’ve gotten so much done around the house and I’ve finished a big knitting project. I’ll have pictures up tomorrow!