'Bird Watching' photo (c) 2010, USFWS Mountain-Prairie - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

Last weekend my husband and I watched the movie The Big Year, a comedy with Steve Martin, Owen Wilson, and Jack Black. The premise of the movie is best summed up by a Japanese birdwatcher, who says, “Only Americans could take something like bird watching and make it competitive.

Because that’s what the three of them do. They’re in a race to see who can spot the most number of North American birds in a single calendar year.

It wasn’t a brilliant movie, but I found it quite enjoyable. And my husband and I decided we’d take up birding!

I’m a big proponent of finding things to do together, even if they sound bizarre. And I also believe that most conversations in marriage occur better when we’re side by side, doing something, than when we’re face to face. It’s just more natural. And besides, we get to go outside, and we get exercise.

So we’ve started our “life list” of birds that we’ve seen. It’s pretty short right now, but we saw some swans this weekend. So far we have: sparrow, pigeon, mourning dove, chickadee, blue jay, Canada goose (of course), Mallard, ring billed gull, European starling, grackle, crow, goldfinch, purple finch, and red tailed hawk.


We need to get a better camera.

My husband’s birthday was Saturday, and I bought him a pair of great binoculars so we could spot the birds easier. We’re really liking getting out together more.

Anyway, let me ask you: what do you do to keep your friendship alive with your husband? Anyone started any good hobbies lately?