Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know that The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex has now been launched! I had my party for it in Belleville, my hometown, where some friends dropped by.

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But I realized this week that I haven’t really introduced the book to you completely.

The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex delves into the three aspects of sex–physical, emotional, and spiritual–that make it so wonderful. One problem our world has is that it sees sex solely in terms of the physical, because what else is there when you divorce sex from any kind of committed relationship? But what really makes sex great is that it encompasses all three things.

And in the book I look at how to make all three aspects great, and how to tackle the problems we sometimes run into. I try to work through how to figure out what’s okay in bed in a Christian relationship, and look at how to develop a life of sexual intimacy which will boost your marriage and your mood

Using research from surveys that I took from thousands of women (thanks to those of you who participated), I look at what actually makes married sex great, and look at what pitfalls to avoid.

I read some Christian sex books before I was married and they really messed me up. They made me take it far too seriously, and that’s why one of the major points in this book is just to RELAX. It gets better with time; we’re supposed to laugh about it; and it is a little quirky.

A lot of Christian sex books are also written by men, or by couples. I wanted to write one that was more what I would have wanted–some advice from “a funny big sister“, as World Magazine called me last month.

Is the book only for newlyweds? No, although I hope every engaged and newly married woman will read it! If more women realized how beautiful and fun sex was supposed to be from the outset of their marriage, more marriages will thrive. But women who have been married for years still need pointers on how to make it better, and I go over some of the problems that we often encounter. If we women can become enthusiastic about sex, understand true intimacy, and embrace it, we could do so much more good because our families could be so strong.

The reviews have started to come in, and I’m really humbled by what people are saying.

Over on Goodreads one pastor (a guy!) wrote: “Over the years I have seen many marriage books, yet Good Girls Guide to Great Sex stands alone.”

On Amazon, Maxine writes: “What an informative and spiritually grounded book.”

And I so appreciate how many of you have written on my Facebook Page about it! Here’s just one:

reading your book….bought it on my kindle yesterday!! on chapter six!! LOVE IT!! so far i’ve been surprised, i’ve laughed, and i’ve cried!! I’m loving the bold honesty….being a bold woman who speaks like it is, i really appreciate the way this is written!!! 🙂 THANK YOU!!

As I share in the book, sex was such a huge struggle for me when we were first married. But God turned it around, and now I understand what it means to experience intimacy and sex at the same time.

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And coming this week–my series on sex during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and the toddler years!