I received this note in part of an email from reader Carol, who is 64 years old and has been married for 45 years to “her best friend”. She writes:

My #1 suggestion for strengthening a marriage:

My husband and I pray together as a couple when we wake up in the morning and when we go to bed. We do it in bed. It will bless your heart when you hear your spouse pray for you by name and pray for something that is happening in your life.

One of our assistant ministers told us about this when we were taking a Bible Study course from her. We have been praying together like this for over ten years. When my husband told me that I had morning, I thought it was a conspiracy against me! I have learned to be more of a morning person because I take this task as an important one.

He prays at night. If he has already gone to sleep before me, he turns over when I turn out my light, grabs my hand & starts praying. We hold hands when we pray be it in church, at meals or during our prayer time together. We do not miss very many days or nights of praying together, praying for each of our family members by name, but the sweetest part is when he mentions my name. I also learn what he is concerned about: work, health, friends, etc. when he mentions them in his prayers. This act of praying together for our children, grandchildren, aging parents and concerns about our life along with praises for what the Lord has done that day has strengthen our marriage in such a way that I cannot imagine. Sometimes it is still difficult to wake up and pray at 6 AM, but very much worth it.

We have been married 45 years. Our grown daughters know we pray for them, their spouses and children daily, and that is powerful.

That’s beautiful. I have nothing to add.

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