Do you ever find your mind wandering during sex–or do you fantasize so that you’re not really mentally present when you make love?

We’re on the final few days of our 29 Days to Great sex challenge, and this one is an important one–because you can’t really experience true spiritual intimacy when you make love if you’re not really “there”. If you need to rely on a fantasy to get yourself aroused, then you’re really just using your spouse–you’re not really making love to them.

Unfortunately, this is a problem many people have, especially if they have porn or erotica in their backgrounds. Their brains have become accustomed to that kind of stimulation, and so it’s hard to get aroused without some sort of fantasy.

I’m not saying all fantasy is wrong–not at all! But if you need to retreat mentally, rather than being mentally present, then you’re missing out on so much intimacy.

So today’s challenge is about learning to be mentally present. However,

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