We’re in the final stretch of our 29 Days to Great Sex series!

I hope you’ve been enjoying it. And as we near the end of the series, we simultaneously near the date when The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex will be released (update: Available now!)

We’ve focused on how to get more enthusiastic about sex, how to have fun as a couple, how to make it feel great, and how to negotiate some of the more contentious issues, like frequency or what you do.

But there’s one other thing that is likely to come in the way of a great sex life: and that’s having kids.

Once we have kids, we feel differently about our bodies. We’re exhausted. We’re distracted. We have so much on our plates. And it’s easy for sex to be sacrificed.

But now that you’re a parent, your marriage matters more, not less, because now other people are counting on you!

So for this, Day 25 of 29 Days to Great Sex, I want to talk about how to keep sex alive once you’re parents.

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Feeling sexually disconnected?

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Like you're on two different planets when it comes to sex in your marriage? 

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We’re almost done! Coming up: Trying new Positions, Experiencing Spiritual Intimacy While You Make Love and Being Mentally Present When You Make Love

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