Married Sex: How do you decide your sexual boundaries--what's okay and what's not? How do you compromise if your husband wants something you don't? Some thoughts on sex and marriage, and keeping it fun and safe!How do you decide your sexual boundaries?

In any marriage, one spouse is going to feel more adventurous in the bedroom than the other.

We’ve been working through the 29 Days to Great Sex, leading up to the release of my book The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex (update: available now!). Last week we were concentrating primarily on how to create those fireworks–how to make it feel as wonderful as it was meant to (and one commenter actually reported that she and her husband broke the bedframe 🙂 ).

But as we’re starting to spice things up, it’s important to ask:

How do you decide what’s okay to do and what’s not?

Over the last few years, the vast majority of anonymous questions I’ve received have been about that sort of thing: my husband (or my wife) wants to try something in bed, and I’m not comfortable with it. What do I do?

In many marriages, one spouse is more adventurous than the other. That’s only natural. How you negotiate, though, can be tricky. Today’s challenge takes us through how to make those decisions.


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Good Girls Guide My SiteHere’s what’s coming later this week: how to flirt with your husband, play with your husband, and get in a more frisky frame of mind!

Sheila is also the author of The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex.

29 Days to Great Sex: The Series

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Day 3: Loving the Skin You’re In
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Day 8: 14 Ways to Play as a Couple
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Day 14: What if You’re Not “In the Mood”?
Day 15: What is Foreplay?
Day 16: How to Orgasm
Day 17: The Pleasure Center
Day 18: Foreplay Can Be for Him, Too!
Day 19: Little Changes that Increase Pleasure for HER and for HIM (BONUS content in 31 Days to Great Sex)

Day 21: 5 Ways to Spice Things Up
Day 22: How Often is Enough?
Day 23: Quickies Are Great!
Day 24: Initiate, Baby!
Day 25: Sex Once Kids Come (BONUS content in 31 Days to Great Sex)
Day 26: New Positions to Try–to Ramp Up the Fun! (BONUS content in 31 Days to Great Sex)
Day 27: Experiencing Spiritual Intimacy when you Make Love
Day 28: Being Mentally Present When You Make Love (BONUS content in 31 Days to Great Sex)
Day 29: Celebrate! And Keep Up the Momentum (BONUS content in 31 Days to Great Sex)

Plus you’ll learn about keeping the bedroom inviting, challenging both of you (but especially HIM) to be more affectionate, when (and if) you should consider scheduling sex, and more!

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