Do you ever wish there were a reset button on your sex life?

A reset button that would take you back to the beginning, and all the tension you and your husband have built up would be gone. All the bitterness from past porn use, or from times when you’ve hurt each other, or from times you’ve done things you wish you hadn’t.

All the disappointment from expectations about your sex life that weren’t met when you married.

All the hurt from past relationships and past abuse and past regrets.

Can they really be gone?

We’re in the middle of the 29 Days to Great Sex series, and today’s challenge is on hitting that reset button on your sex life–and finding real freedom.

This content is exclusive to 31 Days to Great Sex, the book.

Part of the 29 Days to Great Sex series has been removed from the web, but it’s all available in 31 Days to Great Sex–which is only $4.99 in its e-book format!

Do you want MORE for your sex life?

Book Cover for "31 Days to Great Sex"

The 31 Days to Great Sex Challenge was written to help you spice it up in the bedroom! 

Try new things, explore each other, and turn on those fireworks!

  • Exclusive content not found online
  • Challenges tailored for couples to work through together
  • Bonus challenges that were never in the online series
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