Tomorrow launches our 29 Days to Great Sex event! Everyday, for 29 days in February, I’ll be talking about how to make sex stupendous–from a physical, emotional, and spiritual point of view (did you know sex could be stupendous from a spiritual standpoint, too? It can, and I’ll show you how!).

It’s all leading up to the launch of my book, The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex. If you’ll pardon the pun, I’m so excited about this new book. I’ve been writing books now for 9 years, and this one is my BIG ONE. It’s with a huge publisher (Zondervan), and they’re putting a lot of their oomph behind it, including an awesome contest I’ll be announcing in a few weeks where you could win a first–or second–honeymoon!

For the last 9 years, as I’ve been plugging away writing columns and blogs and books, I always wondered if it was really going anywhere. And now it looks like it actually is! I never really intended to be a “sex author”, but that’s what I’ve become, and I’m glad that so many people find what I write helpful.

But I can’t do this alone, and that’s where you all come in! Sex and marriage are so important. Family breakdown is the cause of so many problems in this world, while family togetherness is the cause of so much happiness and peace–and it gives us the energy to do more in other areas of our lives. When family works well, everything works well (including churches). When families suffer, so does everything else.

So I want to get the word out about this book, but also just about the things that I’ll be sharing in the next 29 days. Can you help?

1. Copy my button

If you own a blog, just copy my button and put it on the sidebar during the month of February to send people over here! You can find the code on my sidebar, to the right.

2. Share posts on Facebook and Twitter

Directly at the bottom of each of my posts are share buttons. Please use them! When you click them, then other people will learn about the post and get a chance to read it.


And if you’re on Facebook, click the Like button for sure. But if you click the “f” button, that looks like this:

you’ll give the post even more exposure, because you’ll be able to write a comment and it will appear prominently on your Wall (or Timeline). So if you can take a second, I’d really appreciate it!

And if you don’t follow me on Facebook yet, my page is here. And here’s my Twitter! (I hit 5000 followers over the weekend. Woo hoo!).

3. Get to know Pinterest

But the biggest change in social media in the Christian mom and wife world lately has been Pinterest. Are you on it yet? It’s addictive (even more so than Facebook), and really easy to use.

Think of it like pinboards, where you can “pin” pictures you like, such as paint schemes, or delicious food, or fun crafts.

You create boards on a variety of topics, and then when you’re surfing the web and you find something that you think is beautiful, or that you just want to remember, you can “pin it”. If it’s a big article, like the posts on this blog, you just choose the picture, and voila! You’ll always have it.

And then people who follow you will also see your pins.

I’m on Pinterest right here, and you can follow me! I’ve got boards on Marriage, and Ways to Love Your Hubby, and Advice for Newlyweds, and Quotations, and tons more. You need an invitation to join, so if you want an invite, just leave a comment at the bottom of this post with your email address (no one can see your email address but me), and I’ll send you one.

Then, when you’re reading a post, just hit “Pin it” at the bottom!

One caveat, though. Pinterest is still a little behind Facebook and Twitter, and when you hit the button at the bottom of the post, it “pins” the URL you’re on. So if you’re on the main homepage, like this:

It won’t pin the individual post. It will pin the whole thing.

If you want to pin the individual post, just scroll back up the top and click on the title of the post.

Now the URL is like this:

Then hit “Pin it” at the bottom, and a new screen will pop up, with all the images from the page on it.

Just choose the picture that best represents the article, and that best reminds you of what you want to save:

and you’ll have an opportunity to write a description and “pin” it to one of your boards:

That’s it!

So many of you have been sharing already on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest, and I’m very grateful. And for all of my readers, I’d really love for you all to help me out. Think of it as participating in spreading the word about how great marriage can be. I’m sick of marriage being called superfluous, or outdated. It’s not. It’s awesome! But that doesn’t mean that some people aren’t struggling, likely including some of your friends, who may be too shy to talk about it. So share this stuff, and you may be giving some of your friends some information they need, when they’re too shy or scared to talk to anybody about it.

I really appreciate all of your help! And if you want to get started sharing, here are some of my favourite posts that talk about the philosophy behind this website:

25 Marriage Tips (a fun one!)
Why Your Husband Won’t Meet Your Needs (a challenging one!)
Just Say Yes! (either fun or challenging, depending on your viewpoint).
50 Best Marriage Quotes

I’m looking forward to seeing you back here tomorrow as we launch 29 Days to Great Sex!

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